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  • hollyo_98 hollyo_98 Feb 12, 2011 8:47 AM Flag


    Some of you TII investors have credited me on getting you in to TII. Here is a new idea that if is 50% fact, could blow the lid off . Check the stock out carefully and do you own DD. I trust only a small amount of what i read but the Fed is involved in this with our money. I started accumulating at about $0.37. Sold it all the other day on a bulge and am now a buyer again. Good Luck, ...norm

    Press Release Source: Dais Analytic Corporation On Friday February 11, 2011, 2:13 pm

    ODESSA, FL--(Marketwire - 02/11/11) - Dais Analytic Corporation (OTC.BB:DLYT - News) announced today it is successfully operating a heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) beta unit employing its Aqualyte™ nanotechnology materials using no refrigerant gases. The system, dubbed "NanoAir", is projected to reduce energy usage and harmful emissions by over 50% from today's most efficient heating/cooling, and refrigeration equipment. It creates a comfortable environment by managing a room's temperature and humidity levels. NanoAir is fully capable of heating, cooling, dehumidifying, or humidifying air using water and Dais's nano-materials rather than ozone-depleting fluorocarbon (CFCs and HCFCs) refrigerants commonly used in today's cooling/refrigeration equipment.

    The NanoAir beta unit will be showcased at the Department of Energy's Advanced Research Project Agency -- Energy's "Energy Innovation Summit" being held February 28 through March 2, 2011, in Washington, D.C. Dais was awarded a $680,000 ARPA-E grant from the US Department of Energy in September, 2010, to accelerate NanoAir's commercialization.

    Scott Ehrenberg, Chief Technology Officer, said, "NanoAir is the next breakthrough use of Dais' nanotechnology materials. NanoAir has been shown by third party testing to have the ability to reduce energy costs and harmful emissions by over 50% versus equipment in use today."

    David Longacre, Dais' Vice President of Sales & Marketing, said, "Preliminary discussions held with our sales organization at the International Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating (AHR) Exposition in Las Vegas earlier this month included the integration of key NanoAir components into the Company's award-winning ConsERV energy recovery ventilator product line and were incredibly well received." ConsERV is used in schools, offices, hotels, and other commercial buildings as well as homes to pre-treat ventilation air's temperature and humidity content to lower energy consumption and reduce capital costs of HVAC equipment. Longacre continued, "The sales team is excited because they will be able to offer their customers a truly differentiated solution having higher energy efficiencies and a much better carbon footprint in a simple all-in-one package. This is the beauty of nanotechnology."

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