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  • kkienegger kkienegger Feb 12, 2011 5:57 PM Flag


    I think this company has great technology; however, I am concerned that it will not survive long enough to see it's business plan come to fruition. They are seriously short on cash and having difficulty servicing their debt- the 2010 annual report mentions them being in default on some of this debt. Does anyone know if this was resolved? I would appreciate anyones thoughts on this subject. Thanks

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    • China:

      I have been investing in the Mkt. for over 40 years. There are thousands of start up company's such as DLYT that are strapped for cash. It is only natural. They have a product that they think is a winner but getting funding to get it started is huge problem.

      In the case of DLYT they are ahead of the game because of Fed funding (they must thing the product is viable) the Pasco county seed money, and the China project which if successful, would solve their cash problems in a hurry.

      I have had great success with a couple company's that were operating in a deficit that turned the company around and were successful. The current cash flow problem is of course why the stock is selling at only $0.45 per share. Most institutions will not touch it.

      They have me convinced that the product is for real (why else would the large investors convert their notes of several hundreds thousands of dollars of notes in to stock?). It is a simple "Risk Reward" situation and from my few the reward could be huge.

      My opinion for what it is worth. ...norm

    • Stocks of any company associated with nano anything are hot right now.

      You can continue to pretend to be potential investor or you can buy and make some money (why do I doubt that's even a possibility?).

      You stating your "concerns" will have NO impact on the action of the stock.

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