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  • ryanjfxx4 ryanjfxx4 Mar 9, 2011 2:41 PM Flag

    $200 million distribution agreement?

    Can somebody please comment on this?

    Dais Analytic offers "industry-changing" nanotechnology applications that address the growth of global water and energy demand. Furthering Dais' proven ability to create eco-friendly heating and cooling products, the company is now innovating cost-effective and energy-efficient methods for both water purification and energy storage solutions.

    Dais is growing rapidly and gaining momentum. Recently completing a $200m Distribution Agreement with Genertec (a State owned company of China), Dais will continue to deploy its nanotechnology plastic materials into the 21st century and beyond.

    Air. Energy. Water. Moving Molecules for a Sustainable Future.

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    • Dias Analytic sells a marketable energy recovery module for the HVAC industry under the ConsERV brand name. The product is based on the hydrophyllic properties of a proprietary membrane that allows both thermal transfer and latent transfer (RH) between outside air intake and exhaust air discharge from buildings. They have approval to market this product in China and have a distribution chanel set up. However, I have not seen any noticeable results of this agreement. I believe the $200M is the estimated market for the product and not a firm "contract". I am waiting (somewhat impatiently) for the latest 10-Q.

    • $200 million distribution agreement? 9-Mar-11 02:41 pm Can somebody please comment on this

      Yean, hey have the 200M agreement, now all they need is an "order".

      It's kinda like you and I agree that I will mow your lawn for $50.00-now all I need is an "orde"to mow it.

    • Did they use the roman numeral 'm' in thousand as opposed to 'k'? Therefore, was it 200k?

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