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  • craig_stevens craig_stevens Dec 21, 2012 12:11 PM Flag

    DLYT may very well end up being the ticker to observe this quarter.

    What? Selling 70 million shares at $0.10, (plus warrants) when the existing shareholder base is ~35 million (depending on warrant and option coverage) pretty much makes the existing shareholders take a beating. Dais indicates monies were to be received in three batches, not clear if went through or not. Stock was in the $0.40 range last year and multiple S1s filed to raise monies at higher rates all failed.
    Products have been listed as being in "beta" for years, with no customers or notable sales. Typically a sign that they aren't real. The only deal with the Chinese for $200M announced a few years ago went nowhere and was terminated with no sales.
    No operating profits ever, sales decreasing (take out the deposit as revenue), CTO resigned, employment agreements that can't be terminated without bankrupting the company and no shareholder meetings in 2+ years. Reading the SEC documents is depressing.
    Raises lots of questions. Definitely a good "story" but nothing on execution backs it up.

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