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    New Value of Dais is .04

    Dumped the sub-nickel shares I bought the end of 2013 today after seeing the PR. I wish them well, but if they only value the shares at .04 then I'll take my small profits and move on. Good luck.

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    • well kids, ( I'm 71 and smiling ), a 100 mil. shares is peanuts compared to many others out there.

      Its not going to be about what they do here in the USA but what they do in China. In case you don't know, the Chinese have problems with water. So if they do drop back Below 20 again, yours truly will dble up because Dais is on the way to becoming a momentum play.

    • Will be interesting to see if the deal consumates itself. Past deals have fallen apart with Dais picking up some change in the process (this time it is only $50K), but placing a $0.04/share valuation on a capital raise is pretty bleak I agree, especially given where they have been the past couple of years. Given they are also issuing 3+ million to a broker, makes it even worse. Haven't done the math, but they should be getting close to the 100 million share total issue. Then they get into the preferred which will make it more difficult for the common stock holders. Unfortunately, the fundamentals aren't there, and without that, you are left with the personnel, which with the same management having run the company for over 10 years, is not a good bet given the track record.

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