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  • cedarpeaks cedarpeaks Jun 10, 2013 11:23 AM Flag

    Expensive Job Interview

    In early Feb(2013), I was contacted by Exide about an open position. Company was never on my radar, but after phone interviews decided on plant interview. After interview I withdrew myself from contention, but was intrigued by the company. Majority of debt not due for 5 years, plant running at capacity, improving cash flows, three billion revenue, positive tangible book value and hiring. Invested around $6,000 thinking little downside, and if improvements continue, I could see a nice gain. What happened over the next four months I can only describe as unbelievable to the nth degree. It almost seems like I got pulled into a confidence game. Did somebody pursue me professionally to separate me from my investment? Obviously this idea is ludicrous idea, but man, really weird. The events of the last 4 months I could have imagined happening over the course of 4 years if things went really bad.

    I'll just chock it up to experience and hope I learned something. But am seriously questioning my decision making right now.

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    • Haha. That's where conspiracy theories come from, alright. As humans we are wired to connect the dots even when there's no rationale for it. No "why" or intent in the matter. Just remember there are thousands of other "trees that fall in the forest" that we never "hear". They still fall. We just weren't there to observe them. You could just as easily avoided a fatal car wreck, etc., by your going to that interview. Ya never know. We just have to always be "listening", make the best decisions we can, learn from our mistakes, and decide to be happy that we have the astonishing blessing of this life with all its aggravations and tragedies. Oh yeah, and we need to resolve to be nice to each other. You never know who's fighting a huge personal battle.

    • We all bought in at some comment? "I'll just chock it up to experience and hope I learned something. But am seriously questioning my decision making right now."

      Yup, chalk it up and learn...oh, and try not to make the same mistake twice.

    • Look on the bright side, you could have accepted the job too. Now you would be out the investment and working for a bankrupt company.

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