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  • Without_malice Without_malice Feb 25, 2000 8:57 PM Flag

    ribbet ribbet...since 12-31 this p.o.s.


    has lost $8.47 in market value or 24.7%!
    Is my analogy about the frog wrong?
    Are only a couple of us concerned?

    This topic is deleted.
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    • This BOD which consists of seven former members
      of the FFHC board hasn't had the b---s to stand up
      for the so called "Shareholder" and slice the fat
      from the top down from day one of the takeover,
      needless to say they would have dulled alot of knives!!!
      Dittos on getting taken out and put in the hands of
      someone capable of upholding real "Shareholder Value".

    • Instead of venting here on the board, lets all
      plan to attend the stockholders meeting. How evasive
      can management and the BOD get when the line of
      questioners and angry attendees goes out the door and around
      the block. Make 'em sweat in front of God, the press,
      and everyone. Don't they have to reveal all offers in
      the 10K even if they were rejected? I hate reading
      them but I can if I have to.


    • Concerned every day....tick tick tick....drop
      drop drop...Anybody awake in Green Bay?

      honest question to anybody...

      With the change in
      accounting taking place on 12/31/00 regarding mergers and
      acquisitions, I feel that a deal has to be announced before
      July 1st in order to close by year end. If a bank does
      not annouce a sale before that time, they will lose a
      very favorable accounting practice. That said, it
      leaves us only 4+ months. The clock is ticking. What
      happens if ASBC does nothing during this period?