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  • pecunia001 pecunia001 May 3, 2012 10:31 AM Flag

    some help please

    Hold , sell ?
    I really can't understand what's going on.
    I am patient and can wait, if it's worth.

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    • been waiting 8 years so far.
      copper, nickle, and most probably the biggest Pd
      deposit in N.A. can wait another 8, You?

    • Poor Pecunia, nobody really gave him much help.

      We don't have clue to your situation but you always ask why do I think I want to own this stock??? Should be an interesting answer. Only Chuck probably actually has a plan.

      Part of it is what you expect to happen??? Usually you never use more than a year looking forward.

      In terms of real stuff, probably zero can happen for PLM in terms of moving forward toward real mining in a year. Even if they did solve the environmental stuff, get a positive answer, still a lot of permits to go. Plus they still would have all the engineering / purchasing / real start up phases to go.

      Far to early in the game to have been all that serious with any miner, surely not investing what some of the talking crowd claims.

      Comparisons are good. Compare PLM to say Copper Mountain and Formation Metals, which would you rather own and why?

      Copper Mountain is in operation but having trouble recently in SP traction, good company but it will probably take time, more waiting, if you like waiting, they need to ramp up in scale. Copper metal prices are slumping that is not good, would be the same for PLM.

      Formation Metals is very interesting. Should be an active cobalt miner this year, will finish the start up phase in the next 6 months or so. Also has current revenues from a metal refinery operation that will probably dramatic expand doing work for others (they can refine metal concentrate and just got a COMEX certification), plus can be used for their own operation. Good things to happen, should not be that much waiting left.

      You can look at the numbers for any stock, what does it tell you for PLM??? What is so attractive for PLM??? They got a wee bit of cash, that is about it. SP way down for a reason, the hype is it will dramatically increase on news.

      Formation is super interesting on the numbers, cash flow and revenues will increase for sure, SP just a wee bit more than price / book. Good numbers that will get a lot better as the year goes by. You are always trying to look forward. Lots of things saying buy me.

      What is saying buy me for PLM??? H,mmm if we got a big market drop off and the SP dropped well below 75 cents, might try a quick trade in / out. Would not risk that much money. I would not hold the dawg with counterfeit or your money. How far below 75 cents? I probably would be looking for as much as I could get.

      Way to early in the development cycle for any miner to be risking much money, especially buying / holding on what is becoming more risky by the day. There always is potential for any mining project to be shelf'd or out right cancelled.

      Good stock picking is always that question what to I want to own today and why??? Nobody can give you a decent answer to that question on PLM.

      Formation has to be on a solid bottom, only way is up, I'm a buyer in here. One of the very few metal miners I expect much from over the year.

    • Pecunia, RUN!!! don't walk but RUN!!! and sell whatever you have. At 70 thousands shares changing hands here a day (plus or minus), that means buyers and sellers combined, good luck getting a bid from this Giant of a wet dream. Years and years away from rock production. Trust me.


    • hey click bolt you aint nothing but a piece of crap you loser

    • Yeah, waiting is the key, plus you must require no excitement.

      Tell you a war story.

      You heard about that guy that was out shoot'n at some food and up thru the ground come a bubbling crude.

      Well there was these guys out looking for CU-Nickel and maybe some PGM's, up thru the ground come a bubbling Breccia. Whoa, how game is that??

      That is vein graphite, only one other known place in the World that has known quantites of it.

      So these here guys do some drilling, yeah, more, step out, yeah.

      You can't just wait, must find what is happening. Been crazy, me, I got some at $.31, waiting not my bag. But going to wait and see what the rest of the story is.

      This stuff is in a pipe formation like occurs with diamonds. You do have to like mild excitement every so often. Wait too much you git rusty. Can't pull the trigger.

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