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  • trickledownfacists trickledownfacists Apr 4, 2013 8:31 PM Flag

    Another one on board

    Rep. Rick Nolan today "4/4/2013" announced his support for the Polymet mine in northern MN. On the business north website.

    Search: Nolan endorses nonferrous PolyMet project

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    • Rep. Rick Nolan is on board! Of course he wants jobs for his constituents. But I'm not convinced. If he's truly on board, he needs to come out of the shadows. He needs to become vocal. He needs to become an advocate for Polymet. We need more from him, period!
      If he disappears again concerning Polymet, it is because he is an extremist environmentalist. They are the reason he got into office. In my opinion, he's telling people what they want to hear. If he wants Polymet, prove it.

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      • I agree. Also, I know that I would personally like to see him work even half as hard as Chip Cravaack did for us though. Chip busted his hump for Minnesota, but since he didn't have a (D) after his name he didn't get re-elected... as simple as that.

        Whatever comes out of Nolan's mouth should be believed just as much as Barry Obama's... which is NIL.

        GL all, things are happening and moving forward, but don't really on Nolan - he's a politician thru and thru.


    • Trickledown, EVERYONE is on board with Polymet, (Mine Baby Mine) that was posted by me and carried in the papers in N.Minnesota back in the day of the vote. I was there. That isn't the issue, we all want this mine for the workers. It is and always WILL BE about the USEPA!!! Why this doesn't sink in to everyone is completely beyond me. The USEPA knows all about the Dunka Pit and that AIN"T GONNA happen again. Just look at it from their perspective: Polymet will pollute the Superior, no question about that so this goes on and on and plus you still have the sulfate testing and that's still years away before any sane investor will pump the hundreds of millions to open this mine only to have the USEPA shut it down. I think that sulfate testing may be a watch out for what you ask for because the ore mining sites are over those standard right now. Look, bottom line, The USEPA will not let this move along until they are absolutely positive that the mine will not pollute because once this beast opens it is very difficult for them to backtrack. Get real Folks. Paalease.

      I promised this weekend but this site was still up on my board and so I read this and decided to answer. As I have always said: " I reserve the right to change my mind at a moments notice.


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      • Trickledown, you impress me and your work ethic so I'll give you some specifics of what will happen next week and during the earnings season, and you decide where the market is headed.

        1. The Sequester hasn't even kicked in with regards to the economy, and further the taxes over $299,999 hasn't even effected the economy as it will going forward.

        2. Obamacare will add or rather subtract beginning in May taxes to pay for this massive new medical coverage program.

        3. These actions reduce employment and cause thse who want work to just leave the system, not look for work as it is to their advantage to just collect welfare. Food stamps usage is now off the charts.

        4. Income taxes will have to be paid for by selling stocks and this will have a negative effect on the market.

        5. At a ratio of 5 to 1 the pre earnings guidance is expect to be negative for the first quarter and probably the guidance for the 2nd quarter will be even worse because of everything stated above. Make sence?

        6. Lastly, we are NOT adding at least 200 thousand jobs a month just to stand still we are seeing the effects of the Sequester that I warned about yesterday with the paultry 88,000 jobs gain for March that we received today.

        You add this all up and it smells badly and this next correction which is expected, will be worse that 2008 because we are even in more debt.

        Further, the FED is pumping 85 BILLION into the economy after having pumped TRILLIONS already and all they have achieved is artificially propped up EVERYTHING, and good Sir that is called a BUBBLE in EVERYTHING. It isn't real, it wasn;t done by suppy and demand but artificially and the whole of the QE program hasn't done anything, and this all ends in tears.

        Lastly, the average P/E of 9 is considered favorable for stocks to go higher and anything over 12 to 14 as over bought. It is now 23.5 P/E. This goes lower. Gauranteed.

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