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  • cleanriver4utoo cleanriver4utoo Aug 2, 2013 1:18 PM Flag

    Huge movement against sulfate mine

    We will not allow a sulfate mine in the Boundry Waters or near it. You investors better think again.

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    • Here in Northern Minnesota we welcome all Metrosexuals, you will arrive in your Lexus and Toyotas and buy an ice cream cone from us. Then leave and we will live off of all that profit for the next 9 months until you arrive again next summer!

    • Weak Misinformation

      Number One: It's Spelled Boundary

      Number Two: It's a copper mine.

      Number Three: IT IS NOT in or near the boundary waters

      Number Four: IT IS near the Partridge River and Embarrass River

      Number Five: If you look at hydrology maps, which I am sure you haven't, provided by the State DNR, Forest Service, EPA, and Army Corps of Engineers, the drainage basin will not drain into the boundary Waters. The Rainy River Drainage Basin drains into the Boundary waters, Polymet's Property is in the Lake Superior Drainage Basin.

      Number Six: There are Regulations and Laws in place that environmental groups put together along with the State and EPA that have to be addressed before they mine, They cant just arbitrarily mine.

      Number Seven: The Feds have not paid the State of MN full price for the Boundary Waters land they acquired, and while in their possession have irresponsibly suppressed wildfire combined with Incompetent forest management, we now have a real situation where the Boundary Waters can be lost with a lighting strike and a strong wind. "Pagami Creek" "Ham Lake"

      Folks, don't take my word for it.... Research it. Misinformation is a dangerous tool used by people who believe the truth is inconvenient.

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