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  • robinsrob64 robinsrob64 Dec 21, 2013 10:33 AM Flag

    Wrong again Essian


    You keep saying you are always right? I have yet to see you right even once. You said this stock is going to 50 cents yet you're telling everyone to buy at .93? You are nuts. Then you try to justify your mistakes by saying you're a hard worker? You're an unemployed out of work HOUSE PAINTER on disability! Your wife works hard day in and day out at Henry Ford Rehab Center while you sit at home calling people stupid on message boards.
    Who do you think you are? Get a life little ogre. We're on to your mental games.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • robinturd, you are unbelievably ignorant. One has nothing to do with the other and if you did any true research then you might have an inkling. I will NOT address you again and give you a forum to think you have any intelligence at all. EVERYONE here knows you as a fool, everyone. If they don't then I know all you think alike types are plane stupid. I am here to help those who have any modicum of reading and comprehension skills. Plus, I do not want anyone to lose any money on Polymet who could give two shiiiaaatttts about the lot of you. TRUTH! My thing is I am terrific with numbers and I actually do the work on a host of companies. I look at their DEBT first and if it don't jive then I skedaddle.

      To the Good Folks of The Iron Range and the true RANGERS (those who actually mine and not talk like they do, like Jjeedo), I wish you all well and a very Merry Christmas. Especially Brian and his wife and grown son's.. I am forever in your debt.

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