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  • shah314 shah314 Mar 18, 2004 3:29 PM Flag

    split run up has just started

    get ready for the wild run up.....will atleast go to $40 before split...look at the other split stocks, you'll have an idea...

    shorts cover while you can
    good luck longs

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    • Actually momo I think you are the gambler for trying to call the short term swings in these stocks...We both know where VAPH and IDSA will end up, so that is why I am short on both. Patience is usually rewarded. I was too early on both, but have now watched both turn the direction they should (down) and am in the black and happy. VAPH is definitely a scam, IDSA just bloated beyond believe by traders. Good luck in your trading though.

    • Agreed! I am in as of today, was hoping it would pull back to $24 or $25 but that was wishful thinking, that is where the HUGE volume started (turned over its float 10 times 2 days in a row, starting at those prices!), I think the stock has an 80% chance of taking out $40 as it runs into the split, it is just getting started, there are only 8 full trading days left until the split. This stock can move 10 points in a single day, so that should be no problem. When you add in the fact that rookie shorters are ALL OVER this stock, which has a float of 900,000 shares, we have a possibility of the mother of all short-squeezes coming. Also, remember that any funds out there that have illegally shorted IDSA must cover their position by April 1, the day after IDSA splits 2 for 1 or be in violation and open for a Martha Stewart-like Whacking, and be made an example of. IDSA must have well over a million shares short by now including the illegals, someone was shorting today trying to keep the price down, good luck, they are fighting a losing battle! This stock will SCREAM into the split! I rode TASR, VAPH, LWAY, and DFCT, (as well as a nice short on MAMA), now I am all over IDSA, on the long side. It has bottomed out, gentleman! Blue skies from here!

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      • hmmm interesting......

        For starters there are legit shorts on idsa. Yes, they may be conditional but they are legal. I for one own some.
        Secondly, the shorts do not expire on April 1. You can hold them as long as wish, as long as their is sufficient inventory. Your broker may recall the shorts if inventory becomes low. However, given the limited amount of shorts and the volume, that is not likely. Furthermore, after March 30, the float will double, so shorts will have greater protection against low inventory recall.
        So if you are going to post something on here with some sense, make sure it is accurate. Your inaccurate and flawed knowledge, gives away your investment compentence.

        "Think smart not stupid"

      • Hey MOMO I think you are about 2 1/2 weeks too late LOL. Did you notice the volume today?

    • i agree eom

    • Thanks, for the tip. Post your address and I will send you $100 for it. That's the least I could do.

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