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  • hereitgoes1290 hereitgoes1290 Jun 11, 2004 10:46 AM Flag


    How desperate u are. simple fact is we have huge news out. 400 orders which equate to millions and discussions with the olympics. we also know that there have been discussions with boeing and the nevada casinos. rumors of sales to baltimore probably are true, given that i had seen rumors of a deal with the olympuics and now confirmation by the company that they are in discussions. the government loves our cameras. small float and high short interest.

    this all adds up to that u shorts are toast and we longs are looking at the next tasr run, and personally i think we will do much better as our sales look to be much greater than theres.

    i will hold till i clear a million plus on this one. I will also be buying more monday morning in premarket.


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    • I just want to see some figures on the table. they didint recieve any money for the G8 so the 10 cameras they sent along with a suuport staff cost them money. how much? they dont show any figures for the 400 orders. and as far as the olympics go that would be a temporary "job" for the co. It would be great for the companys exposure, I wont argue that but this is alot of speculation.this could be huge but not quite yet. if the cost is too much for the 360 cameras will they sell?

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      • Remember it is not 400 cameras it is 400 orders. I suspect that many of the orders have multiple cameras. The cameras range in price frpom 2k to 20k each. As I recall margins are 35%. Any way u slice it, this is a dramatic increase in revenues, way greater than what taser did, and we all know where that went.

        I sincerely believe this will be huge and I plan to hold and buy more. We have an influencial Congressman and Tom Ridge praising us. We have the G8 summit praising us. We are in talks with Boeing, Nevada casinos, and the Olympics, and who knows how many others. This has tremendous goivernmental and commercial applications (also think about combining this with facial recognition software like VISG, it would really be huge fore Homeland Security.)

        This has a minisicule float that is heavily shorted. Institutional ownership is barely there. Small cap growth institutions will buy this one. They wont want to miss out. The contracts, revenue and exposure are coming. When they get in, watch out.

        Tasr sold, what 10 million last quarter, that is nothing to what we could already have and these cameras have a lot more market potential that tasr guns.

        We are on the cusp of something huge here and if you cant see it then you r blind.]

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    • Life expectancy in the U.S. is on the rise so if you make it to the high point on the chart then anythings possible. Shorts don't need to bash. The stock will fall on its own.