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  • magsdady magsdady Jun 17, 2004 4:44 PM Flag

    Ipix will post news Now!

    i think in about 8 months dude,, i bought it at 17 after 9/11 thanks god for my broker then it went down to 13 then in march of 2003 it begin to run from 22 to 33 then 44 then bang and bang then it hit over $100 in dec or nov.. forgot and after split it traded around 55-65 for a while then in took off again and it got the ball really rolling in march and april because they annouced another split then bang tasr went over $125 only intrday though then it sold out then drop to i think 75 then split to $32... now is that good enogh info for ya...? but why you want to know something that over past due.?

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