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  • savvy_investor123 savvy_investor123 Aug 19, 2012 11:27 AM Flag

    Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan the worst candidates!

    They are the most corrupt and most dangerous in US history!

    They will bring the great depression to the world!

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    • I'm not taking a pro Republican or Democrat position. But love him or hate him, I deeply admire Paul Ryan because he is the only person in the room with the *GUTS* to state what is painfully and obviously true: Medicare is bankrupt. Medicare cannot meet its future promises. Medicare is hopelessly broken. You may hate his solution, but he has the guts to propose a solution, and it actually looks like an attempt to address the right problem.

      For more than 30 years, we Americans have put up with a political class on both sides that dares not speak this truth. We are like a hospital with 10 patients, and only enough medicine for four. Rather than dealing with the truth and making hard decisions, the Democrats in particular have gotten up and promised "Medicine for everyone! Benefits for everyone! No compromises on your benefits!"

      A lie, if spoken enough times, becomes a political platform. This is all a pack of lies, and I am tired of hearing it. People who speak these lies are just political manipulators who tell the weak and the poor what they want to hear in order to buy their votes.

      I for one am ready for some truth. And I don't care about the political party of the person who tells it. The alternative to lying is not depression. If the other party has a solution to real problems, let's hear what that solution is. Propose your own plan. But attacking someone just for telling the truth isn't a proper response.

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