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  • pseudio pseudio Oct 28, 1998 2:17 PM Flag

    Go figure.

    So the market goes up a little, HTE releases some positive news, we go down. What's it gonna take to move this excellent company's stock?

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    • During recent trip to Europe, I learned of hugh
      projects to outsource the entire water utility in several
      major eastern European cities. Big contracts to take
      over entire systems including pipes, processing
      plants, water supplies and, computers to do the billings
      and track the infrastructure. I hear from AID and
      some of the others that their systems (physical plant
      and computers are a disaster), some losing up to 80%
      of the water before it reaches the tap.

      Recent WSJ article confirmed that the big boys are going
      after this market.....big like Bechtel, MK and other
      major engineering giants. I heard they are looking for
      a computer firm to provide systems to do billing
      and records......names mentioned were HTE (teamed
      closely with IBM) and SCT teamed with some big
      engineering firm......Anyone know if Dennis has been in
      Europe a lot lately? Probably enough business over there
      to keep two or three firms busy for years.....Big
      deal due to be announced in next 30 days according to
      my sources.......more will follow as trend to
      outsource the entire utility lights up after Atlanta did
      the same thing recently.

    • After a promising start, this stock has languished. What happened, and will it move soon??

      There were some customers posting here before. Do they have any news to share???

    • Why would he buy if he didn't know something ? Answer: He would ONLY buy if he DIDN'T know something. Or conversely , he WOULDN'T buy if he DID know something.

    • I think all you shorts and worry-warts should keep an eye on insider trading also. Why would a director drop 90 grand into this stock in august if he didn't know something?

    • What has hurt them was the announcement that they
      were to release nearly 5 million shares. That kind of
      saturation would dilute anyones stock( remember only
      2million were initially released). The supply and demand
      was no longer a factor in the upward movement of the
      stock. The facts are quite clear HTE created their own
      downturn. Their stock will go up, but only after a decision
      is made by HTE not to release the additional
      shares.I bought in when it was an IPO and got out at 12
      1/2. I won't get back in until they make a public
      decision about their dilution plans. Most investors are
      looking for stability and dumping that number of shares
      on the market would scare anyone.

    • I don't have a feel for the bottom, but the direction is down. Get short or get out, now.

    • Go here to research a HUGE registration of selling shareholder stock. I think this should answer your question.

    • Check out EDGAR
      You will see why. There are 4 million shares coming
      out today, tomorrow and next week. Looks like it
      began today. Word seems to be that it will drop to $7
      or $8. Seems like reason dictates to sell here and
      buy back in that range. This would apply to either
      the longs or the shorts.

    • The only thing needed for this stock to go up is HTE give up the planned stock offering. Short of that, no thing will help!!

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      • I thought Jack and Dennis got smart and killed
        that turkey???

        HTE To Terminate Its Stock

        October 15, 1998 11:00 AM

        LAKE MARY, Fla., Oct.
        15 /PRNewswire/ -- HTE, Inc. HTEI ("HTEI") and
        certain of its shareholders on September 18,
        1998 had
        filed a registration statement with the SEC offering up
        to 5,137,100 shares of its common stock in
        underwritten public offering. Due to general market conditions
        in the stock market, HTE has decided not to proceed
        the offering as filed with the SEC. HTE will
        terminate its offering of 1,500,002 shares in the
        registration statement and
        not sell any shares in the
        offering. However, the Company intends to amend the
        registration statement to a "shelf
        registration" to permit
        the shareholders offering shares in such shelf
        registration to periodically sell those shares in
        future at share prices they determine acceptable, some
        of which prices may be substantially higher than the
        market prices for HTE's stock. Under registration rights
        agreements with some of those shareholders, the Company
        obligated to file a registration statement for the
        Company's common stock they received in connection with
        transactions or recent acquisitions.

        HTE, Inc.
        develops, markets, implements and supports fully integrated
        enterprise-wide software applications designed
        for public sector organizations and utilities. With
        more than 1,600 customers worldwide, HTE, Inc. is
        industry leading software solutions provider. The
        Company's customers include cities, counties, corrections,
        justice and
        public safety agencies, public and private
        utilities, school districts, transit authorities, and other
        public-sector agencies.

        Except for the historical
        information contained herein, the matters discussed in this
        news release are forward looking
        statements that
        involve risks and uncertainties detailed in HTE's filings
        with the Securities and Exchange
        including risks summarized in HTE's Annual Report on Form
        10-K for its fiscal year ended December 31, 1997 (file
        0-22657). For more information on HTE's products and
        services, call (407) 304-3235 or toll free at (800)
        727-8088, or
        visit HTE's web site at

        SOURCE HTE, Inc.