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  • whylanki whylanki Apr 27, 2007 11:35 AM Flag

    Headcount reduction

    3.0% Operating REduction on a $450mm business is $13,500,00 @ 55K per head is another 245 heads on 973 heads currently. That is a 25% reduction, or 1 of every 4. And, they are going to step on the gas and get it done, starting next week. This is beyond belief. If it were so easy, why didn't they start with their "urgent" fourth qtr or Q1?

    I think this is the latest of an ever-changing storyline from the company: first, it was the optimizing software, then, it was dedicated and intermodal. Well, neither of those seemed to do it, so let's try headcount reduction.

    If nothing else, these guys are very entertaining. I get a chuckle every time they have one of these conference calls as they 'splain away what went wrong in the most recent quarter, then tell us it is seasonality...but the last few weeks look good, and we are expecting rapid improvement for the rest of the year.

    Can't wait until Q2 conf call.

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    • pat.byars May 10, 2007 5:44 PM Flag

      Ok someone who knows. I'll be at Stan's lakeview in The Colony after 6:30 tonight. Come on in and tell me what you really think of me. OK?? I'll buy you one and we can talk about old times. What say you???

    • pat.byars May 10, 2007 5:27 PM Flag


      If you read this I know where you work!! I'll be in lancaster at the shopping mall soon!!! Nah, just kiddin. I did think that was you though, sorry if I got a bit nasty.


    • 2nd ranked thats because everyone else was tied for 1st

    • pat.byars May 10, 2007 5:15 PM Flag

      See now I know your a peon. Mike brought me in dipsh&t. You just can't win, the truth is out there, try and actually look for it huh??

    • Well at least now I know you did in fact hit the trunk of the retard tree and not a branch.

      Yep your right your numbers were so great FFE had to bring in Taylor and Cook to help carry your weight! Hmmm 2+7 carry the 3 divided by had 2 areas!!!

      As far as being good your track records speaks for itself.

      I would pick the BMW nothing says hey, "My wife is carrying me, but my numbers are great," like the BMW.

      If you choose the Beamer be careful of that tree your ramming the shit out it today!!

    • pat.byars May 10, 2007 5:05 PM Flag

      See, now you sound like the democrats, changing everything. I was PROMOTED to night MANAGER at Swift. Got a nice little raise too. Yup, I was in charge of the entire terminal for 12 hours at a time. That's gotta hurt there scooter.

      Oh, just to set the record straight, 1st month I was at Swift I was the 2nd ranked driver manager in the company. I wonder if that's why they promoted me, something to ponder huh dipsh&t?? See driver manager is a piss poor job, only took 2 months to get promoted, when's the last promotion you got?? LOL!!!!

    • pat.byars May 10, 2007 4:59 PM Flag

      Ooops I almost forgot. Since you know so much do you remember that I was actually hired FROM Swift to start up the ROC?? Oh my, your silly drivel just went down in flames. So sorry grasshopper!!

      Someone has asked me to ask you about some 14" carrott?? I have no idea what that means, but I hear you may.

    • Give me a break Pat Pat Byars Right? the same pat byars that went to work for Swift ? The same Pat Byars that was a driver manager and got demoted to nights because his numbers were never over 70% with a fleet of 20, so they demoted you to be the guy who hands out towels to sweaty drivers at the dispatch window? that Pat Byars?? Truth be told you suck and funny how all the people you mention at FFE arent there to back you o thats right they got fired!
      Once you were hired on at Swift if a resume came in with the words FFE on it as a job history their resumes were quickly trashed for fear of hiring another just like you .

    • pat.byars May 10, 2007 4:46 PM Flag

      A wee bit of animosity I see. Unlike the cowering poster that you seem to be, I don't need to justify my numbers, I and everyone involved with the ROC know the truth.

      Hate to tell ya, but even CR wanted me to stay, and he fu$%ing hated me. That's what you get for being sooooooooooo damn good at what you do, you can get away with murder and they still want to keep ya. Hmmmmmmmmmm, which new car to drive today, maybe the BMW, or the new Mustang GT, what to do what to do.......God it sucks to have too much money. Oh, sorry I didn't mean to demean you seeing how you still work for minimum wage and all. LOL!!!!

    • Davey do you really think Davey can put words together this well? Once again your sweatin my bal*s!! This ain't Davey!!! But I did work with you, ya everyone believes that, turn down a "raise" to go to a night position at Swift. No wonder your numbers were "so good." What part of the retard tree did you run into?

      We can go all day Lord knows you have plenty of time.

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