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  • denn56k denn56k Apr 19, 2013 3:24 PM Flag

    FFEX released 1 st qrt last year on May 1st.....

    This qrt will not be pretty......slow qrt to begin with then add all the bad weather and the fact that drillers hibernate as best they can in the dead of winter.......The company has no choice except to who and how much to sell for....Total debt up to $43 mil....never before....always had very, very little debt.......So $43 mil debt and mk val of approx $25 mil = $68 mil..... with not 2 consectutive qrts of profits in many years......They might have $15-20 mil in property and a bunch of water tank trucks to dispose of ......Its probably near fair value...All depends what extras Duff get from it....Like all the tire sales and consolidation of FFEX office/management/dispatch into one.......I do think it would be better to keep the FFEX name and lose KLLM though.

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    • FYI: FFE already buys most of their tires from Southern Tire, in fact Southern Tire has had a tire shop on the Lancaster yard for several years now. #2, bad weather has almost no effect on FFE;s operations. Never has and probably never will. Our drivers know enough to skirt the storms when possible and if necessary go right through it. I know because I do it, and I'm not alone. #3, you make it sound like FFE has to sell. NEWS, they don't. As of right now, nobody except those who may or may not be in negotiations have the foggiest of what is going on. So sit tight and you will know when the information, if any, is released. From your posts it sounds like you are about to hyperventilate. Calm down, get a grip, have a nice cup of tea or whatever your favorite beverage is and relax.

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    • While competitors are setting records, FFE is in ...slow qrt to begin with...... I just drove through the Permian basin and I didn't see any signs what so ever of driller hibernation. In fact, there was activity all over. Rigs, water trucks, new buildings. It was buzzing out there.
      I'd keep the KLLM name, its better in the market place than FFE is, unless your keeping the LTL which I doubt they would keep.