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  • CASHWINK CASHWINK Mar 20, 2012 10:28 PM Flag

    10 Year Total Return

    10 years ago, in March 2002, NWLI closed at $114.25 per share.

    So IF you held for 10 years you got about 2% per year.

    With a return like that who can argue with the wisdom of NWLI management.

    And I'm not even counting that generous dividend.

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    • While I am long and sympathetic, you are confounding the success of the management at increasing the value of the co (from $172 to $350 in tangible book value over the time you indicate), with the appraisal by the investment community of financial assets. To my mind, that says "buy"!

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      • If you bought MET in March, 2002, you were in the negative for 10 years until the recent move up starting the end of January. Or worse yet, you could have bough LNC and you'd still be down 50% from March, 2002.

        Like paterson0918 says, management is doing a pretty good job of growing the book value in a conservative manner and not making the big mistakes some of these other lifeco's have.

        Reality is, people don't trust lifeco's now and are wanting income - 2 strikes against NWLI, but they are far not the only undervalued lifeco out there and I really don't think you can blame management a whole lot - they've been doing the same thing for 20+ years and the stock eventually does respond.

    • finally someone who understands.

      and cashwink what did moody senior earn in salary, bonus, retirement premium and expenses in 2002? compare that to this year and I would expect their income was raised 40-50%

      And maybe the others will get the idea of what this stupid and self serving management is doing to us.

      What good is $350 value if you can only spend $140 of it?

      We are not traders we are investors.

      But yes one of these years it will rise 30-40 as a trade but it will never be recognized as a proper management for all shareholders

      Yet Nwli is still the best death watch on Wall Street right now. What do YOU all think will happen when moody sr. dies?

      Anyone venture a guess? Mine would be about 100 points or more until moody junior tells us he is going to continue the poor treatment of minority shareholders

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