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  • dramasetterkel dramasetterkel Aug 13, 2008 10:50 AM Flag

    DFR is down by 7% after hours. Do you think it will go up

    I hear you my savings are all counting on this stock as well, since all my other stocks are tanking, I'm really counting on this stock to keep me a float.. Such is life when you play the stocks.. I have faith this one will pull up and stay up..

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    • "Such is life when you play the stocks"
      This isn't playing or a game. This is, maybe, your retirement money and you definitely want a safe and comfortable retirement, Yes?
      Yes, I know people who will work until they die, because they did not save or invest wisely for their retirement.
      You do not want to be one of those people, Right ?

      "I have faith ..."
      Investing has nothing to do with religion.
      You do your research, think through the alternatives, and then make an informed decision to invest,
      put your money in some type of bank account, buy bonds, buy commodities, or start your own business.

      "all my other stocks are tanking"
      You definitely need to read up on Diversification.
      All stocks are not 'tanking' ... Maybe your local community college has a course on investing ? Register, imo.

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