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  • hizwizbiz hizwizbiz Nov 11, 2009 2:44 PM Flag

    Thoughts on DFR (and others I guess)...

    What surprises me, is the CONTINUING ability to suppress the pps, by just a few folks (traders).
    They are able to pass the same shares back-and-forth, effectively stuffing the ballot box, while
    others are stalled. CASE-in-point: After last good earnings, when volume obviously increased...
    so did the pps. Since then, the pps retreated, BY 50+% at one point, on extremely thin trading.
    But WHY? I understand some thoughts on 'thinly traded stocks' but, I don't see anything in the
    numbers to support this much down-movement.

    It merely represents (imo) the work/agenda of a very small
    number of participants. I APPLAUD those who have decided to
    sit on their holdings until they are ALLOWED to participate
    in some benefit themselves. Right now, and for a good
    while, both the volume AND pps are being (again, imo)
    artificially stifled by those with an agenda to control
    &/or buy more on the cheap.

    Look; Here is a 3rd straight positive earnings report, followed by next days trading of below
    average volume and lower pps. That is why I have asked certain people I know- to look into just
    who are the main traders identities. So far, no one has provided any answers on this board.
    (yes, w/ all due respect, I know that's not saying much). There are 6.15M shares outstanding,
    4.5M float. With ~38k short, that's a short ratio of <1% float! What? no wonder some may end
    up selling at a loss, leaving frustrated. There's a select few, who are the ones, who are counting
    on others wearing down, as part of their formula in attrition.

    There are around 46% insiders holding shares, and 22% institutional. That leaves ~32% retail.
    With such a high ratio of insiders, this could explain part of the low volume trading, but not
    'likely' the drop in value. The retail group is not capable of pulling this off, and are usually more
    the victims. It's somewhere in the other 2 groups.

    More answers will be uncovered as the tax year plays out.
    Maybe I'm overly suspicious or reading too much into this..... but I don't think so.
    Definitely an anomaly. Doesn't pencil out. Ironically, it's a good party, w/o much invitation.

    I would be remiss if I didn't mention 1 other important
    element here: There are trades for this stock routed through "Knight Capital Markets, l.l.c.". They are an MM
    (market maker) here. Some people call MM's market manipulators. I'm not going to give my opinion on this now. I've learned by experience that (especially in a public forum) if you don't have anything good to say- don't say anything. However, some DD (due diligence) here is in order. Whatever someones plans are, "the pattern and direction of trading on a stock goes to the highest bidder". Think about it. Ever wonder why, for example,
    the ask is $10, bid is $9, but a trade is executed for $8.50? Well, that's just one marriage made in heaven, between two (favorite) willing participants, orchestrated by the minister (MM). If someone wants your shares bad enough, a way will be found to get them. The example given could very easily take out a stop loss trade as it heads down. Remember, ALL trades in the Queue let ALL know just how much you're willing to sell for. There are no secrets to the greedy.

    If you have to sell, HOLD your line with "limits" orders (NO market or stop loss).
    This stock has become a "Game" of patience.
    GLTA... longs.

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    • So, let's put this in its proper perspective, eh?
      With trade volume of ~10k/day over the last 2 weeks, out of 6.15M shares outstanding...
      that's .0016% of the total no. of shares.

      Inversely, that means, the remaining 99.9984% of "shares" HELD, are being controlled by this .0016%.

      Does this make sense to you? Me neither. I find it VERY difficult to believe that ALL the others are just as happy as clams, not interested in doing anything. I think a plunger is called for because the butt-hole is controlling the rest of the body... into toxicity.

      To those OTHERS who may stray through here now-and-then:
      Try and find a way to do something, say beneficial, which could have a positive affect on SHARED value.

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