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  • ibrizi1 ibrizi1 May 24, 2010 11:25 AM Flag

    This is BS! either Nokia management needs to resign or put the company for sale! 18/share!


    enough is this management that can not generate any positive things for shareholders! I see stocks that had worse earning and oulook then Nokia and the stocks did not budge! thhis stock and company is hated because of the manageement runnig it! I will take 18/share even my cost is 20.3! Nokia market cap of 36 billions is laughable for a company that controls 36% of phones sold worlwide and 41% of smartphones sold worlwide! give me a break! now the day traders are controlling this stock.. sell at 10 and buy at 9 while OPK sitting behind his desk and collecting his money!

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    • I don't think they can get $18 a share in the current market place or else management would have done it all ready! Nokia has no high end smartphone as of yet to compete for the high margin smartphone business! The N8 is only a medium level smartphone. Cannot even compete with the Android smartphones.

      I the first quarter of 2011; Nokia is expected to roll out if first high end smartphone with the Meego OS. Let hope it can be as good as the Apple upcoming iPhone 4G

    • p/E of 27 and forward p/E of 15 is too much for NOK.Even good companies like intc ,aapl are trading at p/E 10-11. If you are considering dividend forget it in near future.This is loosing high end market to IPhone and Black Berry, The middle market to HTC and low end market to Chinese.This will soon be a $5 stock.

    • Nokia controls 36% of phones, and nice dividend. Sounds good to me. Guess it wouldn't take much for them to come up with the next phone/internet device. I think they have good quality products.

    • For sale?? WTF do you think.. this is another PALM? Dream on dude. NOK does not need a buyout to grow.

    • You must realize that the market is not really crazy about this because these are 2 companies that have formed a lot of alliances and bought a lot of companies, yet have not done much with them.

      Nokia has teamed up with Intel to do MeeGo, still waiting on results for that. Put MeeGo on my N900, currently is nothing more than a shell.

      Nokia teamed up with Microsoft for office apps, still waiting for that.

      Nokia bought QT in order to unify their meego/maemo/symbian platforms, and we are still waiting for Symbian ^3 to show what that produces...

      The problem here with all of this is that is all seems good but Nokia needs to put out something soon that has some results. I have a N900, had the N97 which was junk in this day of smartphones, and the N95.

      N95 released in 2006 was an insane phone that crushed the competition. The competition caught up and they put out n97 which was worse than the N95 3 years later. N900 is a great phone but not for your average consumer. The 5800 sold 15 million units, but it was not a very good phone either and looks very dated compared to HTC offerings etc. So something must be done now before they lose more market share, they should have been doing all this alliance building 3 years ago

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