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  • e_lm_70 e_lm_70 Jun 14, 2011 9:05 AM Flag

    eFlop is a CRIMINAL

    He should share the cell with MadOff

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    • HangDevilsHeadzOnAEvergreenBush HangDevilsHeadzOnAEvergreenBush Jun 14, 2011 9:20 AM Flag

      he destroyed 25B $ of shareholders value in 6 months, he is probably working for microsoft before they bid

      • 1 Reply to HangDevilsHeadzOnAEvergreenBush
      • No, it is impossible that MSFT can bid over Nokia now ...
        FCC will jail eFlop if MSFT will buy Nokia for less then 10$ a share.

        eFlop Crime is:
        - State to the world that Nokia is on fire (Nokia was market leader)
        eFlop pisz over Nokia brand, Nokia employs and stated that Symbian is craap

        - eFlop announce end of Symbian and mega investment over WM ... just 1 year before be ready to sell any WM phone, with only Symbian phone on his shelf ...

        - eFlop promote to the developer to Switch from Symbian to Windows ... Nokia spend money for kick out symbian developer and increase MicroSoft WM developer ...

        - eFlop after announce the death of Symbian ... state that it will be kept alive till 2016, since some mobile operator start to boycott the selling of Nokia Symbian deviced ... too late now for keep any credibility ...

        etc etc etc

        eFlop is not working for the good of Nokia ... he is working for the good of somebody else ...

        The Nokia board did not kick him out on Feb 11, that mean also Nokia board is a band of Criminal.

        And ... who is in control of Board and CEO ? ... The mayor stock holder ... these have not kick out eFlop too ... so they are happy with the result .... the are losing some money with Nokia (possibly they did cover this with huge short position too) ... but they are winning in different area ...

        Who is the winner of the failure of Nokia ?

        Apple, Google and Microsoft (and their mayor stock holder)

        Like every OS for PC is in the hand of US company ... now also ever OS in the mobile industry is fully in the hand of US company



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