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    • ==> They are a long way off from outright failure. <==

      Yes, to quote a famous saying: Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated. (;

      i am toooooooo long in this POS!

      the probability of windows FAILING is extremely HIGH as obvious as JOBS was eating up by his cancer (RIP).

      1. nokia is BUT a puppet/biatch of Microsoft, that is UNCOMMITTED in the mobile space with NO REAL ecosystem but BS craptalk. What security, integration and service exist in microsoft's ecocrap?

      2. this POS biatch is dying because of ELOP wasting BILLIONS to create microsoft's ecosystem.

      3. REPEAT: microsoft is NOT committed in mobile space.
      lumia 900 announced JAN 11, will be delivered MARCH 18, 2 months later for operation "rolling thunder" (is right for BS, hot air crap talk and NO executions)

      4. that's why NOBODY/shorts takes ELOP/nokia seriously. NOK is still at the low 5's.

    • >That time hasn't [quite] arrived yet.<

      They are a long way off from outright failure. Their transition to WP7 has only just begun. Nokia and Microsoft have strong resources for a long term committment to WP7 success. The Q4 report will give some insight as to how successful the initial launch was. This will only increase as Lumia and WP7 gains traction with each sequential Q in 2012. As well, and this is important, have they been able to stem the red ink that NSN has been throwing off for sometime? Hundreds of millions $$. If they can get this division operationally profitable, Nokia's shareprice will improve significantly.

    • Do you people ever use your God given common sense? Elop did come out with fantastic looking sleek and well accepted windows phone. Do you think AT&T would have hooked up with nok if they felt lumia 900 was a piece of crap. I mean nok is just introducing impressive phones in a reasonablly short period of time. I wish you shorts stop stinking the environment everywhere you go with your lies and vitriol. None of the points you raised make sense shorty. Go try again. LOL

    • From here on NOK has set the standard of beautiful phone. Had APPLE produced such an elegant phone, all the idiotic coolaid gangs of apple would have oohhed and aahhed, LOL. Now, their slab phones will have to match nok's standard of beauty. There is no getting away. They can BS all they want, in the end those who believe "the king is naked" will wake up and find the truth like the id*io*t who wrote the article on seeking alpha today. That bozo does not even realize nok is just coming up with new beautiful sleek phones like the lumia 900 that won't go on market here in the usa until March. He doesn't give credit to the well accepted lumia phones in Europe and asia. He blubbers about how NOK has lost it all to Samsung, etc. etc. LOL. Come and talk this BS in a year.

      GO NOK!!!

    • 1. NOKIA has BEEN lost on the losing streak since 2007, ELOP has made it MOST affordable to others to buy nokia whether for IPs or piece it it out for a profit.

      2. windows will be a fail attempt to stay relevant but NOKIA cannot gain LOST ground against SAMSUNG with ELOP's FAILED strategy.

      3. To the present MICROSOFT's FAILS to support its "3rd ecosystem" and has NO ownership to push its mobile platform. IF they want to STAY relevant in the software and follow the trend, they have to model the APPLE's model with STORES, SERVICES, APPS, CLOSED, secure, integrated SYSTEM TO INCREASE REVENUES and PROFITS.

      From a buying stand point, this is the BEST time to buy.
      NOKIA has scraped the bottom even with the failed ELOP's strategy. It will recover slowly till ELOP's FIRED.

    • I was watching CNN this morning and when one of the reporters was talking about noteable gadgets at this year's CES, he noted the lumia 900 very nicely. I think NOK has finally got it right.

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