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  • daytraderdone daytraderdone Jul 13, 2012 3:23 AM Flag

    My Avg Price Is Under 2, Am I ok?

    I had my finger on the buy button at 4 bucks, 3 bucks then 2.50. I resisted the temptation and trust me it wasn't easy. However in the last few days I finally pulled the trigger so my price is around 1.90. I still dont feel safe however and wanted some opinions here. I bought NOK off and on from 2004 to 2010 at prices from 7 bucks to 20. This is why it was hard to resist buying under 5 until just these past days. Really curious what bored people think about my chances to make cash here this time. I remember the Jorma days and everyone hated him now it's this Elop guy. It's always a nigtmare. I remember in 2004 NOK's problem was that they didn't have a flip phone. I thought it was totally ridiculous. Nok went from over 20 in early 2004 to 11 on the day of the July earnings report. It then surged up over 15 very quickly. I'm wondering if here we will see something similar. Perhaps I bought too early and on earnings day we got to 1.50-1.60 and then rebound over 2. maybe we dont rebound. I just dont know. What do you guys think. I didnt bet the farm just took a flyer at this price. One thing I do notice is the popularity of that Lumia phone on Amazon

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