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  • ajayakumardivakaran ajayakumardivakaran Aug 21, 2012 8:16 AM Flag


    Write once run anywhere, a flood applications will follow, inorder to catch, phone must be cool,affordable thats it, the operating system is unimportant,recently myself went to shop one,all of a sudden operating system have no importance at all.

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    • So.....Linux is way better than windoze (especially the fugly metro)...much more secure and way more stable.

    • I just checked out KDE4.9, and it does look interesting:

      There's also a way to use my Spyder4Pro Monitor calibrator with Linux, even though the vendor does not directly support the OS. However, running all my x86 wares with Virtual Box does seem counter-productive, since I have so many Windows based applications and games too. Trying to run all of that in emulation or virtual machines is almost like cutting off your nose, to spite your face - and I don't hate MSFT as much as you :o`

    • There are always complaints about Windows but most recent stats show it holds a market share of over 80%. In addition, Microsoft has already announced the upgrade path will only cost about $30. Windows 8 will do just fine and so will the Windows based phone.

    • The GIMP graphic editor does deserve respect, for what it offers for free. However, it's no replacement for Photoshop by any stretch of the imagination. I also didn't mention Light-room before, but it's the same deal. Multimedia content creators either use Windows, or Mac, but rarely Linux. There are some high end CGI wares for Linux used by the big studios, but they are basically niche products. As for running Adobe products or other Windows software products on Linux, yes it can be done, but that can have reliability issues. Better to spend your time creating content, rather than trouble-shooting cross platform emulation...

      When open source becomes less fragmented, and more highly polished, maybe I'll leave Windows behind. However, Linux is a utilitarian OS, and not really user friendly. Apple machines cost too much, and it voids your warranty if you open the case to fix or modify your hardware. The brushed metal casings look nice, but no way are they worth the extra premium!

      Sorry, but each to their own.

    • it must all fit,operating system,design,price,no one have innovation,service etc,but I am quite convinced that the next Lumia will have all of this even MORE....

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