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  • twfry_2001 twfry_2001 Aug 25, 2012 1:45 AM Flag

    Apple rulling is a win for Windows Phone

    Just my two cents, but IMHO the Apple ruling ensures the success of Windows Phone.

    Why? With this ruling Apple is going to go after every Android device next, their entire goal is to kill Android.

    But Microsoft has a cross license with Apple which clears Windows Phone in every way (plus WP8 is actually different which helps). Apple requires MS patents for OSX, so Apple/MS are forced to cross license.

    If Apple is successful attacking Andoid, this means that EVERY company will have to go with Windows, it will be there only choice. This essentially guarentees the WP ecosystem.

    What's funny, is once everyone in the entire industry re-ralies around Microsoft, Apple is toast. Apple is shooting themselves in the foot again with their us vs. everyone else. So Apple is done for too because of this ruling (long-term).

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    • That is only true for the US market. Android is already dominant and legal everywhere else. US smartphone market is only 20% of world market now? Android will be here to stay.

      Samsung and HTC both make Android/WP8 phones. They can just ship WP8 phones to the US market. Rest of the world will be all Android.

      The jury verdict today virtually guaranteed success of Windows Phone 8. It only helped Apple slightly.

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