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  • concordkitchens concordkitchens Aug 29, 2012 9:18 PM Flag

    Please list 3 reasons to double down on NOK at this level

    I already double down today.
    If NOK drop again I will double down again.
    I knew this company had plenty of cash to survive and it had 35 billion revenue a year.
    What is your reason to double down on NOK?

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • 1. Money Flow during the last few sessions have been positive
      2. Trading below book value and they have plenty of cash
      3. Cash burn rate will be considerably low this quarter because of work force reduction and optimization of operations (relocating plants etc.)
      4. Their low-end phone Asha is a hit (was sold out??)
      5. Stock pulled back fter crossing the upper Bollinger band for the third time since March. Some pull back is healthy.
      6. Computer Chip stocks are retreating
      7. New product cycle begins at the same time for all phone companies - Apple does not have a leg up.
      8. Very soon Apple hype will wane and they could (I mean could) fall off the cliff!!
      9. Shorts will have to cover - not a lot of room downwards.
      10 MSFT/NOK ad blitz will wake up people.
      11. Steady cash flow from royalties
      12. Tremendous amount of value through intellectual properties
      Put/Call ratio is 1.33 better investor sentiment!

    • say you have 5 analysts covering NOK. they downgraded NOK to sell. the downgrade lasted 5 weeks. you would find the impact of the last act was the smallest. otherwise there should be the 6th analyst coming out and downgrade it to sell again. the first price mark is 20% lower from the day the last one downgraded. you know it's time to revisit NOK's financials and make sure the last downgrade wasn't about NOK's ability of continuing operation. before making purchasing decision, revisiting technicals and planning amoung of shares to buy to "average" down enough to break even if pps goes up 25% to 50% where your technical analysis would tell you the possibilities of price levels. if it is a sizeable purchase, make sure you have bought enough protections with 25% of total volumes in mind. shorting calls or buying put are good choice since you could make profits through trading them as well. NOK is such a stock of ice and fire, which is a day trader's dream stock. besides, liquidity is never a problem.

      there is no technical resistance from 2.80 to 3.75. once again, NOK is a love/hate stock.

    • Cash flow from huge number of patents
      Cash on hand 12 billion
      no overhanging lawsuits
      best camera in the business
      thousands of engineers (soon we will get their flexible mobile wrist phone)
      dominant force and brand image in Asia

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • 1: Cuz you like to make money and NOK is WAY WAY oversold
      2: Cuz you know that as soon as AAPL takes a dive that millions of dollars will settle here.
      3: Cuz its silly to think that NOK will tank with the upcoming product and alliance unveilings.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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