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  • idontbelieveitatall idontbelieveitatall Aug 31, 2012 12:13 PM Flag

    something is wrong. a stock doesn't trade hundreds of millions in 2 days and keep a 5-10 cent swing.

    today, 40 million and a couple pennies swing? Something seriously wrong with this. Does anyone have any inside info on how this can happen

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    • Weird this thread somehow vanished

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    • Happens all the time. Short-term equilibrium. There are enough sellers to meet demand at or close to the last sale. And lets not forget the stock is up 2.5% today. That's not "no move."


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      • There are enough sellers to meet demand? Here we go again. There is usually no equilibrium in supply and demand, buyers and sellers, which is why Market Makers exist. Today could have been very few sellers with the MM stepping in and selling/buying the shares. Personally I think that's the case but unless you're a market maker you really don't know how much seling or how much real buying is going on cause you can't see the retail buys separate from the MM buys and sells.

        One thing is for sure, MM have fully reloaded their inventories and are ready for any big move up or down. Given the catalysts next week I say they loaded up in anticipation of a big run at which point they'll make a nice dime while providing the necessary liquidity on the sell side, buying now and selling next week when/if demand heats up if Nokia doesn't dissapoint.

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    • mm x sells short shares to mm y at the bid
      mm y sells them back to mm x at the now lower bid
      this cycle continues till the price gets down where they want
      during this time scared longs sell seeing a downtrend and the mm's absorb shares
      the end of the day mm x covers mm y's loss in shares
      mm x covers at the now lower price from panicing longs and discretionary accounts selling shares

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    • When you expect a serious move upwards, you try accummulate as many shares at as cheap a price as possible. Guys like Goldman are experts at this. They have the resources to put out negative articles to push the stock down, along with minor shorting, to scare the weak hands into selling big time. Do this for a few days, and the number of shares you accumulate, far outnumber the shares you shorted to instigate this selling.
      Once their coffers are full, they'll put out positive news, such as upgrades and analysts' opinions.
      Ignore all this nonesense.
      Look at the fundementals for direction and the technicals for entry points.

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      • I think you nailed it .... been observing the patterns the last few days and it reminded me of the Cramer interview with Aaron Task where he mentioned how little money it really took to manipulate the market ... there's absolutely no doubt in my mind what you describe is what happened this week.

      • agreed. The big boys are expert at this kind of stuff. they are holding this down as much as possible to get the big "in" at the last moment before the sept 5th offering, so that when it pops, they are in for the lowest dollar amount and highest number of shares that they could get. This thing was surging on small investors backs for the last few weeks while the biggies did their best to hold it down. but it all goes sky high next week...just watch and see......

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    • they are building momentum for 5 Sept. to EXPLODE.... logical normali this stock now would trade between 4/5 bucks a share

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