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  • riwm45 riwm45 Sep 4, 2012 11:43 AM Flag

    MSFT Wp8 will launch a 1 billion Ad Campaign

    To last for 3 months......This will be good for Nok Lumia smartphone

    Hot off the Wire:

    To that end, TechNewsWorld reports that Microsoft will launch a $1 billion ad campaign over the next three months. To put that number in perspective, it's twice what the presidential campaign has cost so far, in terms of advertising, according to an NBC FirstRead story last month.

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    • If the AD is stupid and dud like the last one, it is meaningless how much money you spend. I hope they fired that stupid Ad co. Make it simple, creative, nostalgic and clear enough to differentiate nok. To that end, I say one of the ad should show pics being taken and manipulated by SCALADO technology. That by itslef will be a huge success, imo. That is the kind of ad that will make you want to go and buy the phone, not the stupid ad insulting nok's own glitch.

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    • AAAHHHH, hold on. I think the Billion $ you're talking about has to do with Microsoft's Windows 8 push. That has nothing to do with Nokia or Lumia. Sure we'll benefit but it's gonna be nowhere close to what you're implying. Man, I hate Pumpers.

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      • I am excited with the news & relayed it to the board no pumping necessary....PC is a dying Breed...& as you already know Msft is trying to get into the smartphone business & tablet... going head to head with GOOG & APPL.......If this is a going to turn around in the battle of OS for phone where Msft currently is behind it then should start with a big introduction to the market......1 billion as was said was twice the cost of the current presidential campaign....I hate typing too long....You have to do your DD too otherwise get out of the market, you'll just loose your shirt here......Remember Casino's are better regulated the the financiall market.....scary huh!!!

    • Msft & Nokia saw the increase in market share in Europe with the WP OS....Continuing the Lumia Line is a testament that things are about to change for Nokia & adoptation of a new OS for phone is emerging....Dropping the Symbian OS that even the Fins hate all tells me NOKIA is back in the ball game

    • Are you serious? Do you have a link? I was expecting Softy to pull out all the stops but $1 billion sounds insane. The 900 got a $150 million campaign which at the time AT&T said was a record for any phone. That would be amazing cause it means Softy realizes this is their last chance. This also means big fat subsidies are coming via Microsoft.

      So why are we up only 8 cents? Oh yeah, cause the new 920 flagship is another outdated obsolete POS, and the street wants to wait until tomorrow to see if Elop and Balmer can really be that stupid. I'm now convinced they are since they think they're gonna change the world with obsolete hardware. Awesome, Eflop!

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      • I have 20 equities listed in my Portfolio only NOK is green so what does that tell you....Hows Dow rigth now & the Market atmosphere? Is it good?.......go figure......check source at "the Street" cant type the rest yahoo won't post it

      • Vlad...stop saying it is outdated. It is multi core, runs WP8, navteq, music streaming, 4G, all up to date. If you are going on and on whining about 8 MP, if its even accurate, MP is not that important of a camera spec. Any experienced photographer knows that pixel size means very little while pixel quality is very important. Lens quality, zoom, and numerous other things are unknown. Based on the Pureview name being used, I'm certain the camera on the phone will be bringing something new to the smartphone camera market.

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    • That is what is needed to jumpstart WP 8.

      However, this won't start until Windows 8 is announced in October. And most of the budget will likely be for Windows 8 and not Windows Phone 8.

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