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  • vlad2vlad vlad2vlad Sep 5, 2012 1:03 PM Flag

    -- I'm Speechless

    All that hype, changing the world and all they have is a couple of obsolete outdated phones which Samsung and Apple will use as their dishrags.

    What brain dead idiots at the helm. These fools deserve bankruptcy.

    Like I said yesterday, if they fail to deliver today the pps will go back below $2 so here we go.

    I'm just so numb. I've never seen such deceptive mindless stupidity than this in my life.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • The new Lumia 920 is a step forward. It is a beautiful phone with new features that differentiates it from iPhone and Galaxy S3: better camera, better sense, wireless charging, different looks. For me it seems Lumia is as good as any iPhone, and better UI than Galaxy.

      I would buy one if I don't already have a Lumia 710.

      I do not remember saying they will have disruptive technology. The selloff is very short sighted. Stock traders expect a magic bullet that will kill Apple. What kill Apple is the high price of iPhone, their arrogance and lawsuits, and lack of new features to justify the $600 gadget.

    • You watched MVIS so I know you saw worse. But this was bad. That's why I got out when I recovered back to break-even. I felt there was a good chance of this happening. I really didn't like that the TBV was dropping so fast. They HAD to hit a home run and didn't. This could get to $1 quick. I might be willing to jump back in then and ride another 40% pop.

    • I think Apple pumped and dumped

      Sentiment: Buy

    • "All that hype" "change the world" bla bla bla.... Classic short bulls^^t

    • All about expectations man. Not sure what you're disappointed about? When it comes to imaging (stills and video) the phone is unparalleled in the market. Exceptional low light capablities, ability to animate a phote , ability to remove a person from an image. According to The Verge (whose judgment on esthetics I trust) the phone is incredibly handsome. The phone will definitely be a success. Will it sell 20-30 million per quarter like the iPhone (sold as much as 42 million in one quarter) I doubt it. But it will appeal to a hip crowd with a rainbow of colors available and aforesaid avant garde imaging capabilities.

    • aragre Sep 5, 2012 1:28 PM Flag

      920 is a nice phone... I dont get this reaction!

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      • The problem is that the release didn't even come CLOSE to the hype Nokia built up. We were promised "disruptive technology" and than "everything is about to change." Sorry, but that's not what we got. The BananaPhone™ is an incremental upgrade over the Lumia 900, not a bold new beginning.

        No availability date, no price announcement, no carrier availability announcement. That left everybody wondering W/T/F was going on.


    • Hey, while it's not a home run, it's a line drive up the middle. The Lumia 920 is a solid product, and it's 8.7 MP camera is more impressive than you might think. I'm betting the iPhone 5 won't be able to match it, and there are other features that make this phone better than the current Android king, which is the Samsung Galaxy III phone. Also, you keep forgetting that Windows v.8 doesn't require quad-core. The OS is much faster than Android, and this is not the PC market. S4 snapdragon will work just fine...

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      • Agreed. Let's see how "real" reviewers rate it.

        The real KEY is communicating the message to the public and signing Verizon. Nokia has been dismal with the former. Microsoft REALLY needs to step up the Windows 8 advertising and the entire "ecosystem."

        Another problem is the way American markets treat ADRs. MM's will almost always favor American companies.

    • Me too man.. I thought we nailed it too. Now, what to do?? Hope for China? You were right and I tried to convince you that you were a downer.. My bad

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • yada yada..... possibly aka vlad????

      • I am out.
        We have two long months ahead of us before a possible launch, this game is not like that anymore, you should unveil a phone with availability details right away, apple set the standards now adapt or die, even pre order should be a must.
        We have two months with no phones to sell, 900 will be free and $100 gift certificate by then.
        Apple will unveil the 5 and be available in 2 weeks.
        3rd quarter losses will be "predictable" but not in the stock price, even 4th quarter losses are not priced in, and will be losses, bet on that.
        No mention of carrier deals.
        Not even a word on launch date,"later" like there ius no urgency or need to calm investors and prevent potential buyers from getting a I5.
        Phone is ok, competes with the best now, would still compete with the best after I5 launch?
        Nokia is afraid to innovate, software add ons to an unproven platform will not change it's future.
        Not even talks of a tablet, they came with the best they "could" offer and no one is impressed. They are afraid money and market wise to innovate and bleed cash, reason why they go a step at a time, while competitions leap frogs ahead.
        NSN will be sold in pieces without even investors realize one day is all gone and proceeds used to cover overall ongoing losses.

        Will be back if I can get the shares in mid $1s witch the stock will reach sooner than later if I am convinced is the right thing to do, as of now I am not convinced. For now taking my profits before they vanish in a few trading sessions.
        Scream all you want and look the other way if you please, the whole street sees it this way, uncertanty will be the name of the game for months to come. The stock performed very well given the hype of W8 and new phones announcements and started crashing as soon as specs were being released in the last few days, now reality set in.

        Too much hype for what they offered, being conservative would have been much much better. Let's see if RIMM learns a lesson.

        It is ok to change your mind, losing your money is what is not ok.

      • The thing to do is buy apple and foget about it, dont buck the trend and the trend is down on NOK, up on Apple........... Get the picture???

      • I'm just gonna hold. Tired of chasing stocks around. I'm in well under 2. How bad can it get? Wait, DON'T answer that..

        Sentiment: Hold

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