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  • humbleinvestor1970 humbleinvestor1970 Sep 22, 2012 8:49 AM Flag

    Will this continue to go down untill iHype is over?

    Also, do consumers care more about brand than quality?

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • No. But Nokia has both brand and quality. They care about that.

      As I understand Friday was witching day, plus RIMM tanked hard. Not sure if RIMM had the same problem and RIMM reaction spilled over into NOK (still has that birds-of-a-feather perception thing going on). RIMM is getting really bad vibs. NOK is doing much better on the vib front. But it needs to decouple from the RIMM vibrations.

      But with all that against NOK, it recovered fairly good Friday.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • humbleinvestor.. The market sentiment was negative for the week due to the upcoming quadruple witching that transpired yesterday & Thursday PMI report.

      Here's my take: If eflop pump this stock to $4.00 before the Q report? Chances are Q report will be bad...If he maintained silence...well you better watch out...On October 18 put a stop loss to the amount you can afford to loose..If the report is confusing but good..MM will take it down first to take those stop loses while those vultures wait at the bottom........This is a very dirty market... use your instinct...Casinos are better regulated than the stock market.

      My take can change on daily development of the Company not from outside Articles report.

    • It is dropping because earnings and most price targets are $1.50...Will not stop dropping until Oct 18th and only will stop based on what Elop says... My fear is he cannot say much because msft will not let him... He will be asked about HTC and better have a better answer than, "it's all good for us msft phone makers"...Msft will probably let him reveal the plans of Nov 2nd launch on Oct 18th to help take attention away from horrific sales numbers...

    • The iHype is only a small part of what is driving Nokia's share price. Folks are getting nervous about the upcoming earnings release on October 18th. Analysts have not yet reduced estimates to reflect the dismal WP7 sales and WP8 sales have not even started. The only thing WP8 has done so far is kill the sales of what are now "legacy devices" like the Lumia 900.

      With stock prices it's all about meeting expectations. Good numbers are not really good if they don't match or beat prevailing estimates. Too many of those estimates out there now are based on expectations from BEFORE the whole WP7/WP8 No Upgrade Path fiasco was announced.


    • dorianpc Sep 22, 2012 10:33 AM Flag

      No, it will continue to go down untill:
      1. Earnings suck less.
      2. Phones appear on store shelves.

      It has nothing to do with Apple. Apple is just a company that realizes a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

      Microsofts hollow ween [sic] release schedule has always proven to be to close to Christmas. Just another reason why developers and marketers don't like each other.

      Elop should license certain products from the competition.
      A CLUE, for instance.

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      • dorianpc Sep 22, 2012 10:44 AM Flag

        To your 2nd question. Brand and quality are the same thing to a consumer. Very hard to build, very easy to tarnish.

        This is where NOK ultimately wins. Apple can't afford to build inexpensive phones. Nokia is an expert at it. Upgrade path and brand loyalty will drive sales upward.
        But once again, they have to release it to sell it. Don't they?

    • ihyope only for iSucks not for us. You want to sell ur shares great. I am not and I am waiting to have hand on Nokia smartphones in January.

    • fyi....IHYPE IS OVER.... much to the dismay of many, the iphone5 hype is done and reality sets in for those with the foldup chairs and maxed credit cards.

      Here comes sub 7bills for appl

      just my humble (but very accurate ) opine

      NOK 4 bucks in 4 weeks

      Thank me later

      (oh and to the stooge phands, I have you on ignore but I know you luv me cuz you keep following me) LOL!!!!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • It'll continue to drop no matter what.

      As Apple has both brand AND quality (not to mention SALES), Nokia is just a dead loss.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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