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  • msftnok msftnok Oct 2, 2012 7:35 AM Flag

    Be Cautious of The Run Up Heading into Earnings

    Typical run up heading into earnings. No one knows what will happen on Oct 18th. You are only guessing. It is always best to wait and see not blindly place a bet without facts. Stock could bust through $3 or drop to $2 in a day. Be a coat tail investor on this one!

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    • if u day trade u can tell that every stock which runs up before earnings has to give a good earning report .........strong buy body

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    • I am a small investor. I have learned to stay out of the early morning play at least until 9:30 but better 10 am. I know that there are a lot of large institutions moving this stock in the direction they want it to go. Hence I know to stay out of the market movers way and only bet in when I have a good feeling. I do not have a good feeling on this one with regard to earnings. I do have a great feeling about the upcoming product releases. I know that I bought low, so i am hoping that any negative news regarding earnings will be a temporary dip. But I will ditch this one if it goes below my low price point and bounce back in at the bottom. NOK really doesn't fit in with my strategy with regard to my desired technicals, but this one is hot! Most people buy on speculation and sell on fear! This company is not as solid as it once was, but from all the hype surrounding this one, at least there is hope that their product line will be in great demand. I firmly believe it is time that the Windows Phone OS makes some great strides. I am a user of both the Apple OS mobile and PC platforms and the Windows moble and PC platforms. There are advantages to both. Both must survive. There is room for both.

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      • That theory is not true. Jumping in on a "good feeling" is a not what you should do. As humans we put entirely to much stake in our gut feelings. The reason institutions do so well is because they are better (and designed to ) not have gut feelings. I have worked with institutional investors for 15 years and I know every well how they trade and make decisions.
        Many investors had the same thoughts as you last year and got crushed. There is nothing saying this stocks does not go to $1.50 from here. There is nothing saying it will not got to $6. Sprint is a good example. It moved on material changes in it situation. Nokia has not displayed that yet.
        I disagree with nothing you said about the companies, but cannot stress enough about how to invest and put your money to work.

    • If you wait to see, then you'll pay full price, and there's little money to be made paying full price.

      All investing involves "guessing" about the future. All investing. All investing.

      The only issue is how confident are we about our guesses. 80% certain? 10% certain? And remaining aware that a 95% certaintly about a guess can still be wrong.

      If you wait until information is certain, you're investing using a rear view mirror.

      Investing isn't easy, and it's never risk free. Individuals will vary in the quality of the research they do, how confident that research accurately reflects reality, and their comfort with risk - if they lose money, how will they react - deep anguish? Devil may care, easy come easy go? That will vary from person to person.....

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      • Actually wrong. Mathematically wrong. Don't play semantics on the word "guess". You need to ensure you know the "facts" before placing a sizable bet that can make or break your year. I am not talking about waiting until information is certain, but witnessing a trend across the income statement and balance sheet. I am not looking to invest and $3 and jump out at $5. I am looking to buy at $5 and watch climb to $20 (happens everyday with good companies).
        Your poking in the dark and never get the big runs because of it. You have to know these companies inside and out and you have to understand their distribution and expenses. You must understand the competition and the macro environment in which they play.
        I am making educated guess and you are just guessing.

    • Don't think that this quarters earnings are what is driving this stock. It is the promise that the new Lumia phones represent. If you believe they very good products you should be a buyer now, during and after earnings are released.

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    • What is a coat tail investor?

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      • Let the stock break into new highs on earnings and then buy it on the way up. Once the stock proves itself buy it. Buying now is guess work. Everyone is assuming the stock is moving for some particular reason. That reason might just be "group think"
        The promise of the Lumina phone? the thought that the mapping service has gone hugely cash positive is more likely the reason for the stock climb. That is a gamble that no one should be taking. Run up into earnings can be a mistake or blessing. That is how half the people on this board got burnt at thinking the stock was going from $5 back to $8.

    • Strategy:
      Long NOK - short AAPL = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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