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  • riwm45 riwm45 Oct 6, 2012 5:05 PM Flag

    watch out for the Apple Stampede,Apple's Time at the top ends in 2013

    There is a chance you may see the changes on this upcoming Q report for Apple..iphone4 & 4s sales (as reported in an article) almost freeze on announcement of iPhone5 launch...APPL's 5 million sales 3 days after releasing came into a standstill marred by all the problems it carries, this sales was actually still attached to Q3 report....Now this upcoming Q will be much more brutal for tablets & smarthphones..It will be flooded with even more hardware producers, MSFT is even on it now with their surface tablet. Foxcomm is again almost shutdown since yesterday...APPL is not looking very good the next few quarters.

    Well with their cash hordes, it may come to be just a little dent. Time is on their side this time to innovate, unfortunately in doing so shareprice can suffer.

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    • cash doesn't do you good if the competition catches up and you don't have differentiating product coming out to stay ahead of everybody.we don't know yet if Apple has new products in their pipeline that they have not annouced but as its now,Apple simply doesn't have the product to justify its current share price.Remember,people buy into future growth and i'm questioning that future growth that a lot of analyst are refusing to accept or are ignoring completely.Apple mini-iPad will not sell well in my opinion.Why would anyone buy a mini-ipad and not just buy smart phone.people buy iPAD because its substitutes the lab top.We all wanted the Lab top because we were tired of the PC.The mini-iPAD will be competing with smart phones.Smart phones are getting faster,more powerful with each new release.No need for mini-iPAD,it will be a bust.Research in Motion has already declared that their new blackberries will have the speed of Lab tops or 5X the speed of the current fastest smart phone.

      Apple has fallen behind the competition unless they suprise us with a new product other than the mini-iPAD

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I completely agree with most of your thoughts on APPL. Their cash can burn so fast if they don't innovate quickly enough & that experienced is now known to NOKIA. APPL though have all the experience how to turn things around, an experience brought about by Steve Jobs, the sad part about it is the thought that S. Jobs may have taken innovation with him. After all things said, Q3 & Q4 for APPL is not showing a lot of promise. On the other hand NOKIA seem to have a lot of similarity to APPL when it was at this lows but the question is, will Elop turn NOK around like S. Jobs turns APPL around? We will for sure know about that on this upcoming Q3 report.

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