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  • wisecrack127 wisecrack127 Nov 17, 2012 12:32 PM Flag

    The Nokia Lumia 920 is at the top

    The Nokia Lumia 920 is at the top of amazon best seller

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • I just checked amazon website for at&t and there is only one in the top ten, #8 lumia 920 black, the rest are way back and 900 is even better than the white 920. Check it for yourself. I checked for best cell phone with plan.

    • Its n° 10, 15, 18 here ... 1 and 2 are Motorola, 3-9 are Samsungs 10 Nokia.
      There are no HTC windows phones in there.
      The Lumia's take spot 1,2,4,... in ratings from buyers.

      This is very good. The momentum is building nice. Launch date was well done.

      Also, this is just the USA.

      The phones are alot more popular in Europe and Asia. Even China looks promising. Top 20 preorder of Expansys China now shows Lumia 920 on 1,4,6,10,16 and Lumia 820 on 14 and 17. The Samsung Ativ gets spot 11.

      Nokia has gotten from most hated smarthphone is hot to have smarthphone in a year or 2. Only the shorts (23% of share float, appl shorts are 1.6%) are refusing to admit. I guess they wait for the official release of numbers before they get toasted.

      The supply constraints, ... are all minor problems. The problem was having a product that people really wanted. They have it now. They will be selling like hotcakes in a few weeks, just in time for holiday season.

      Also, Nokia bonds haven been in demand (price rising) meaning bond investors turn bullish. Bond investors are a bit smarter then shareholders are.

      This PPS will explode in the comming months. Dont sell out at 3.5$. Ride the wave / momentum for a year or 2 at least.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • This is by far the best phone on the market. But it needs marketing! Nobody knows about it. I have done the research and would buy this phone before the Samsung SIII the iphone5 etc. Why doesn't anyone else know, cuz they have not seen it advertised and therefore have no clue about it! I went to Verizon, they have no clue it is out there, and they know very little about the 822 they do have. AT & T people know their phone the 920, but have not had great sales, again because of lack of marketing. Get the WORD OUT, the NOK 920 is the best smartphone on the market TODAY!

      • Very good points. I stopped averaging down way back, cause I lost faith in eflop. I have 15k shares with avg price of 7.0+, I am a real bagholder, lol. I have so many options of 2013 strike price 5 and 7.5 in which I have lost my arms and legs so far unless the sales nos of lumias is so huge that the pps explodes to at least 10 before jan 15 for me to make money in those options. Hey, miracles happen, lol, but I am not counting on it especially with eflop. I have disdain for eflop who took this co from 11.00+ to where it is at bungling along the way. he should have known about the win incompatibility issue when he released the previous lumias which killed their sales. And now, he is trying to kill the sales of these hot phones by supply constraint and stealth marketing with no AD's (supposedly why have AD's when you don't have phones to sell, Idiotic and oxy-moronic thinking, LOL)

      • Also check google trends - lumia for a nice trend + geographical overview. It shows nicely how popular Lumia is in the world.

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