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  • mario_luis_gomes mario_luis_gomes Nov 23, 2012 12:35 AM Flag

    Elop has been too cautious in estimating initial demand...

    I think the issue with supply is probably because they only produced around 2 million phones to begin with, spread all over the world... Now that the success of Lumia 920 is proven, they will step up prodction so december will have no supply problems... Well, Elop has been too cautious... He should have produced 4 million... But scarcity can be a good thing in making headlines... I fell privileged that I'm one of the few people carring this phone now... Soon enough this think will be everywhere.

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    • Why in God's name do you give 3 thumbs down for this note worthy post. Hey, eflop fan boys and girls, bow to your great "analytical" (LOL) mind for his forecast of nok demand, you idiots. Give me more thumbs down you, bozos. I luv nok and its brilliant engineers. Nok would be much more in pps by now had it not been for this idiot stumbling around and handicapping his brilliant engineers, imo.

    • Stop it already with Elop, the final product Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 with windows8 is a milestone in terms of beauty, performance, capabilities and operating system. When you see and use this final product you have to admit this is the product Nokia was looking for when anounced the partnership with Microsoft, that the road was bumpy, oh yes of course but that is what happened when you fall sleep at the wheel and Android and Apple stole your market share.
      There is a piece of news stating Microsoft announced an update to W8 just 10 days prior to launch, this looks very credible as HTC is facing also shortfalls in availability. Relax, interest for the phones is increasing, not fading, the phones will be available when they are available, is a matter of days now so just hold on to your shares and enjoy the ride. Expectations are so low that the 2.5 million speculated for 20 days is more than what some analysts expect for the whole quarter.

    • 2.5 million to be exact in 20 days.

      Not to worry, Nokia can ramp and distribute massive numbers faster than anyone.

      At this rate and with China Mobile coming online in Dec I'd expect to hit my 9 million target. Especially with the crazy Softy marketing starting soon in a big way.

      We shipped and pretty much sold 2.5 million lumias in 20 days without any real puch in the US and without Tmobile, VZ or China Mobile.

      It's gonna be a massive and profitable quarter.

      Nokia has officially turned the corner. Next stop is $5 but first it has to overshoot to $6.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Where are u getting 2 mills from, your #$%$?

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