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  • mika.leppanen76 mika.leppanen76 Nov 26, 2012 5:57 PM Flag


    Come on, this current PPS is a joke - and a bad one of that. Just looking at the RIMM numbers one must see that NOK is way way way under valued even after this latest sprint. Just compare the value based on yearly revenue, RIMM gets near twice the value and which of these companies is really the one with the brand, history, patents and oh - is the 2nd largest phone maker in the world?

    Now with the worlds most advanced phone Lumia 920 that is looking to be a huge success, together with a large following, brand loyalty and CONNECTIONS/DISTRIBUTION in the BRIC and other developing countries.. who will be dominating those markets in the next years? With the clear change in Nokia's development and WP8 being a success the sky is the limit in my opinion.

    If you look back at the price action of the last few years it's easy to see that we have miles to go and the sky is clear above. Just take a look at these numbers.

    1 year = -34%
    2 year = -63%
    3 year = -69%
    5 year = -90% - Yes, you read it right, -90%!!!
    (based on eur pricing)

    90% loss in 5 years means that the current price would have to be multiplied by 10 to get back to that level, meaning PPS of $35. Now $35 might be asking a bit much, but in no way it's impossible. The smartphone market is growing 50% per year, Nokia still has not launched any pads, they are growing the network business and trying now to push into US with the Chinese trouble, developing countries will be huge for Nokia, they have the best maps in business and that is growing, patents and more. When you really think of all that Nokia is and has and is able to do you must be thinking - #$%$, how is it so cheap! At least I am and I am seriously excited about this opportunity.

    Good luck longs, sleep well - tomorrow is a brand new day.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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