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  • likinnok likinnok Nov 27, 2012 11:59 AM Flag

    It's Not Just The 920

    I purchased a 822 from Verizon with Windows 8 on it. I can purchase any phone I want have an Apple just sitting on the table now. The Nokia 822 and Apple Iphone have been compared side by side by myself. I am a business owner. The Nokia has a brighter clearer bigger screen. It has a Carl Ziess lens camera. The pictures were better much much more vivid than the IPhone. The windows 8n experience is amazing. After the several day learning curve you will not believe the experience. I give it a 10 out of 10. I am picky and run a business on the go. There are things about the Nokia that will amaze people using old phones. It has a built in GPS turn by Turn Navigator. Yes in the phone. It can tell with amazing acuracy exactly where I am. I enter a destination and boom. It even tells you how fast you are driving. It has options for public transportion, walking and driving. This is offered in 2d and 3d street view. It not only blows the iphone away but all the phones. You can add you favorite websites as tiles on Windows 8 so everything in your liking is right there on the screen. You see in real time when you get a text message or email. The sound and speaker are great. There is no way I would switch to any phone and if I dropped it I would by the exact same phone within an hour. I am addicted to the phone. That is why the runup. See the phone yourself. Take a picture, look at the gps maps exclusive from Nokia. There is an offline map also. By the way, I use the wifi feature and it works flawlessly. So it is not just the 920. The new 822 is also a fantastic experience. Don't drink the Koolaid. Get past the Windows 8 learning curve (very easy search google and every answer is there) and you will have a brand new toy, tool and something you won't give up. Try and you will see.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Business Owner as well and thought I was settling for the 822 (really wanted the 920 but not going to switch my company to ATT) first I was a little concerned as I was used to my iphone but after a week the W8 phone is awesome. I don't miss my iphone at all except for maybe some apps that I can't get yet. The turn by turn navigation also has an option to beep when you exceed the speed limit. It took me 3 days to figure that out as it kept beeping randomly, or so I thought....ended up I was speeding and it was letting me know. Cool phone!

    • thx for your convincing post. I feel the same way about my Lumia 920
      keep the faith. We will destroy the bloody shorts in the end

    • hmmmm, you must work for nok. On the other hand, I hope you do not. I am wanting the Lumia to be everything I hear about them, and that is a positive!

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      • I do not work for Nokia. The phone is really great. The only problem and this would be the same with all devices. If you take a long trip and leave the screen on while using the voice assisted turn by turn GPS you will run the battery down. The solution is to turn the screen off by pushing the button on the side. The voice activation assistant still works with the screen off. No GPS is 100% accurate. If you take your own route it picks up and reroutes you. If you are lost it finds where you are and can get you on track fast. That is good but no GPS is ever 100% accurate. It also reads your text messages into a blue tooth ear phone with voice assistant when you are driving. So if you have a blue tooth ear piece and a text message comes in it reads it or give you the option to say ignore. I am not hear to trash apple as I own large amounts of QQQ which is heavily apple waited. It also has office on it. You can also delete all text message at once. The email deletion on apple is a real problem. Best phone on the market right now. Bashers will not be able to bash this one down. It has real legs.

    • The offline map feature is awesome. Prior to this I had a android phone. Google Maps is good... but it did not have offline searches for addresses. This offline feature could be a life saver. Could be in the middle of no where and get no signal... Google maps would be useless.

      I didn't realize that Nokia Drive also has turn by turn navigation with specific names of roads. You just have to download it and it will tell you names of streets, etc.

    • I'm with Verizon. I can get the 822 for $66.00 with a 2yr. renewal, or wait for the 920, which most likely will be more dollars. Should I go for the 822?

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      • The only difference in 920 and 822 is 920 has slightly larger screen and PureView technology camera. The camera is supposed to be better in the dark. The 822 has a Carl Zeiss lens who made lenses for NASA. That lens was developed to compensate for low light pictures. It works on the 822. Great photos in low light. The under the hood and apps are identical on both phones. The 822 is a bargain. It can even be $50.00 at Best Buy on an upgrade. Verizon "phone" customer service cannot match prices. However, if you purchase online at a higher price via Verizon and someone is selling for less they can give you the first month of the phone for free.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Please read the post again. I have apple devices. Apple now literraly seems like ancient technology compared to my new Nokia 822. If someone has an Ipad or any device that they are using to keep notes, dates contacts you will love the new Nokias. I disliked Nokias just 2 weeks ago and thought apple was it. Android is too difficult to use. It is worth it alone for what they call Nokia Drive and the amazing photos and brightest screen I have ever seen. You have to set it higher than the default brightness though. It asks what looks best to you in the setup. Appointment reminder is better than apple also. Front & back cameras and a keypad on the screen large enough to actually do work. I have about 7-10 pop email accounts on the device. You can run a business not just read the newspaper headlines. Apple seems out of date to me know like a plain and boring device. No one knows about this except overseas. Mark my words apple seems boring to WIN 8 devices and that will take a toll.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Sooner or later people will start to realize that there are more better phones out there then just a Galaxy and a Iphone but you know how slow consumers are and it takes them time. I know people who has a Galaxy would say its the best phone but then you talk to then more about their phone history and they would tell you before Galaxy they had a dump phone so for many only phone they compare their Galaxy to are dump phones. I was amaze more then few people would say similar things. Anything would be better then a dump phone.

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