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  • humbleinvestor1970 humbleinvestor1970 Dec 2, 2012 10:01 PM Flag

    Microsoft's Surface Smartphone

    When is this due out, how will it affect NOK?

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    • Won't matter---it's M$ #$%$ anyway. doesn't sell.

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    • I don't see it coming now that Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 variants are hit worldwide.IF MS launches its own smartphone,Nokia will produce smartphones based on android.I would love to see Nokia take the Samsung route and produce Lumia lines on adroid OS.If and When Nokia does take that route,It will dominate the competition but I don't see it happening unless MS makes the mistake of producing its own devices.MS learnt a big lesson with its tablet launch and I don't think they have the engineering capacity and production expertees to venture into hardware.MS knows software and they will stay at that because they are mindful of raffling. Nokia feathers.Nokia might be down but they have put their house in order and they will not be pushed around by MS.If Elop allows it,trust me he will be out of the door quickly because the majority of the board believe that Nokia will be better served manufacturing Android based devices (they see Nokia been more successful with android than WP8 only).

      Did you see how the android world got excited with the posting of the job posting.The android fanboys are jealous of the Nokia Lumia 920,they know they don't have a device of its quality and they know Nokia is the best company when it comes to devices and as long as Nokia is not on board,Android will be populated by cheap low quality phones whether they are Google manufactured or Samsung manufactured.Nobody makes better devices than Nokia.So,this job posting told us their secret feelings About Nokia and Nokia devices.They are drooling over the Lumia 920 and 820 variants.It is a good feeling to know Adroid and IOS fanboys are secreting wishing they could have a quality device like 920.

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    • msft hardware suck just like samdung gaylaxy #$%$ 3

    • No official announcement on release. Microsoft better make it better than the Surface tablets, that's for sure! The Surface RT is slow, lags, and navigation between apps is a bit clunky. You have to go back to the Home screen to re-open any app you have running in the background. Surface Pro is drastically overprices and only gets about 4 hours battery life.

      As far as Nokia is concerned, a good Surface phone would hurt them in the short run. Nobody needs another worthy competitor. In the long run it might boost adoption of WP8 and this would be a case of the rising tide lifting all boats.

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      • I think that Surface Phone--assuming the rumors are true--is going to be bad for HTC. Nokia is enhancing vanilla Windows Phone 8 with extra features in their Lumia phones. This means Nokia is ahead of the competition. If MS starts making WP8 phones without adding extra features then it will be competing directly with HTC. Currently certain people are buying HTC 8X because of its light weight but otherwise most of the people are going for Lumis phones because of additiional hardware and software differentiatiors.

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