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  • risinghorizonstar risinghorizonstar Dec 5, 2012 6:17 PM Flag

    620 will really be the iPhone killer. Here is why

    1 iPhone = 3 lumia 620.

    And it runs on Window 8 phone platform, not the wobbly Androids

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    • From CNET piece;

      I think that Nokia made some smart moves with the Lumia 620. It's clearly a smaller, more entry-level handset, but the device-maker hasn't overskimped on features like NFC or the dual-camera setup. An emphasis on color customization and personality should help the Lumia 620 sell in the lower-cost and youth markets, and the $249 price is pretty affordable for the features. In comparison, premium devices like the Lumia 920 sell for around $500 and $600, over twice the 620's price.

      For whole piece with good photos of 620 google:

      Nokia Lumia 620 poised to spread Nokia's name

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • mikemclaug Dec 5, 2012 6:23 PM Flag

      Android ??? IPhones run on Apple ios NOT GOOGLE

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      • I think what it was meant was after killing iphone, you have only to contend with low cost Samsungs, Yet Samsungs do not have a stable operating system like iOS or Window 8 Phone. Yes that is true, as far as the software platform is concerned, iOS and Window 8 Phone software is rock solid because it is designed grounds up and both Apple and MSFT strictly disallowed anything other than marginal enhancement. Androids on the other hand is a real free for all, a real cluster of misfits and screwballs, comparatively; hence the major security flaw that has just been discovered.

        So if iOS is Mercedes, then Window 8 phone is BMW, As for Androids, it is like a truck, No doubt it can move, can sure 'transport' lots of Apps, but don't expect a smooth ride.

        I am a little surprised why MSFT allowed NOKIA to go mid range with a top range operating platform like WIndow 8 phone though. Lower ended Window 7 phone is a different ball game though. Guess that MSFT is real serious about ramping up, but to me a slight overkill. More like using a BMW for taxi. Notice how Apple protects its iOS for high end only.

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