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  • rich_8490 rich_8490 Dec 7, 2012 10:01 AM Flag

    Wanted to see what all the hubbub was about...

    I went to an AT&T store a couple of days ago to look at 920. As I walked in, they were sitting on the left and the display of the device just looked amazing. I went to pick it up expecting to use extra muscle based on reviews but ended up laughing. My work iPhone 4S with Otterbox is heavier. It actually felt really good in my hands. The UI is very impressive, very smooth and fast, and seemed very intuitive to me. I definitely want one but need to wait until May for my current contract to expire. :(

    My thoughts:

    Nokia and MS have hit it on the head. The combination of hardware and os I believe is unbeatable and shows true innovation, something Apple is currently lacking. I think the only thing Apple has done over the last couple of years was to introduce Siri and that's not exactly game-changing. Otherwise, they have been playing catch-up (bigger screen, faster network, etc).

    I had tried 2 Droids last year, the Infuse and Atrix 2. They were ok but had to return both due to bad reception and dropped calls (I currently have a BB Torch 9810 and it gets better reception than those 2 and the iPhone). I also think the Android ecosystem is all over the map, seems out of control to me.

    Nevertheless, there will be plenty of iPhone and Droid users who like their ecosystems and are happy with it. But, I think the new future is with the Nokia and MS combination.

    I also think MS should have priced their tablets a little lower to establish a base. Why buy a Surface when you can get a laptop that transforms itself into a tablet (e.g., Dell XPS, HP Envy x2)? That, and ramping up the apps would bring over more users. Nokia definitely needs to ramp up their production.

    Disclosure: I am long on Nokia and plan to hold even after it hits double digits.

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    • "My work iPhone 4S with Otterbox is heavier"
      Yes it is I used a scale at work and weighted the Iphone4 with casing weights a bit more than the Nokia naked they way it should be and Galaxy III with casing also weighted more.
      Pointless weight comparisons some will say but Iphone and GalaxyIII owners would not dare to leave the house without a phone casing, my 920 does not have one and I am not a careful person with a phone.

    • I gave back my iPhone 5 for the 920 with Windows 8. I found it to be a more intuitive interface, have a much better battery life, and I like the extra real estate on the screen. Apple may have more apps today, but I have not noticed anything that I could not find in the MS app store.

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