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  • nam_ka nam_ka Dec 11, 2012 6:27 PM Flag

    Nokia die under MSFT hand...

    I'm a strong fan of Nokia, using Lumia 920 and WP since its debut in 2009. After 3 years in production, MSFT is still offering a cripple OS, lack of apps, my 920 reboot itself more than 10 times a day, this OS is still immature and full of bugs and Nokia has to fight tough battle with one hand chopped. They now can only sell phones based on their hardware and design and HOPE, hope that one day MSFT will deliver a good OS update and that hope has been disrespected in consistently in the past three years.. NOBODY in their right mind want WP, especially since Google released 4.1 with its buttery project.. I repeat for MSFT to make such cripple mobile OS and plotted Nokia's death fate is a DISRESPECT to HUMANITY.
    IMO, Elop should be fired first or at least Nokia start making Android devices otherwise such a pitty lame death for a good engineering company, die because it chose not to control its own fate.

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    • Your topic makes you look like a basher.

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    • Bad idea to go with Android this is controlled by Google to benefit Google. These devices are pretty similar so lack product differentiation. Many compete on price. MS product different than everyone else and stands out. WP8 is solid this has already been established in the market not buggy. WP8 shares the same kernel with Win 8 desktop version so transition for users is seamless and they can use the familiar Office apps. I have a Android Tablet and it is good stand alone device but very awkward to connect to Windows machine and can't use Office on it.

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      • Guess what, MSFT is rolling out Office for both iOS and Android, speaking of having this kind of friend who would need enemy. The same differentiation Nokia is offering on Lumia WP can be used on Android such as Pureview, rich recording, camera lenses, navigation, unibody design, puremotion HD+ screen etc.. on top of that Nok engineer has been working on Meego which is Linux base so it shares similarity to Android (also Linux base) therefore learning curve will be much easier, so implement Swipe UI on Android would not be a problem either.
        Oh, did I mention WP can not play video purchased from the Xbox store? So much for seemless integration of ecosystem.

    • I find it very difficult to believe your 920 reboots 10 times a day. If I may say it is a blatant lie, imo. Both my sister and I bought the lumia 920 a while back and we both have never even one single day had our lumias to reboot by themselves. I don't know what kind of cr??ap you have loaded on it, LOL. Your comments are not only unfair to nokia which you say you are a strong fan of (hard to believe), they are unconscionable, imo.

    • LOL,

      NOK made the right choice.

      Option 1:
      Stay with Symbian......Symbian was crashing, nothing could have saved Symbian from losing out to Android and iOS

      Option 2:
      Go with Android. Now NOK becomes one of a million Android makers and struggles to pop out of the very crowded market.

      Option 3:

      Go with Windows Phone....A brand new software provided by a tech titan who is relying on the success at any cost of Windows Phone....A brand new software that can get people excited about a 3rd option instead of iOS or Android.

      Is Windows Phone was Android or iOS Phone will get there and I would like to think NOK will have the bulk of the marketshare when it goes mainstream(33% of marketshare)

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      • Well, did Samsung become one of the million Android makers? Nokia from the start has always been a better hardware maker than Samsung. Ask yourself between a Lumia Android 920 vs Galaxy S3, what would an Android users go for? And Android users are about 80% of smartphone market, so do a math 10% of 80% (yield 8% market) is much much larger than 50% of 2% (yield 1% market). Like I said WP OS is not a feature, not an advantage but it is a disadvantage exchanged for the benefit of $1 billion/ year MINUS royalty fee Nokia paying to use WP ($15/device) = CHUM CHANGE.

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