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  • mirojaderko mirojaderko Dec 13, 2012 11:06 AM Flag

    !!! If you want to know what is new in China !!!

    Google "诺基亚920" , use google translator and read last news about Lumia 920 from China in english !!! you can read reviews from peaple , info about sale...everything

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    • Lumia 920 vs Iphone 5 - translation from zoldotcomdotcn

      The lumia920 rather than iPhone5 15 big reasons to choose? Promise in mind to tell you who is the king of

      Divergent views
      The iPhone 5 is unveiled, indeed, if the fans disappointed, iPhone market share is not as expected, iPhone 4s expected the amount of lower-than-expected sales, the iPhone trivial estimate for Apple will not bring improvement. More to Funny Internet users, has developed a microblogging released "iPhone 20", which is undoubtedly provocative and disappointed in Apple.

      "IPhone5 is simply weak burst, iPhone20 longer, more durable and lighter."
      "IPhone5 my big screen, the 920's 4.5 screen laughing my camera, a 920 pure King and optical image stabilization laugh, iPhone5 said I switched to a new charging port, 920 wireless charging laughed, iPhone5, iPhone5 my ultra-long standby, 920 the two thousand mA battery laugh my system 920 WP8 laughed, iPhone5, iPhone5 looks good, the Chinese looked bad street crying "
      Such ridicule, the world's brand of intelligent machines Apple can hold on long, Nokia took the opportunity to try one last shot. You will put your vote to vote for who?

      1 application compared to more than 700,000 (apple store) 100,000 (marketplace) seven times higher. IP biggest advantage. However, with the the win8 same kernel wp8, application of compatible makes the WP8 application linear rise.
      2 microphone & sound quality upgrade
      iPhone 5 with 2 or 3 microphone filters background noise and improve sound quality, noise canceling technology to enhance sound quality apparent.
      Reason for deletion: Lumia 920 also has three highly sensitive audio capture (High Amplitude Audio Capture, HAAC) microphone, and Dolby Headphone technology.
      3 lens shooting
      The Sapphire Stone lens cover, noise reduction, and intelligent filtering, but compared lumia 920 pales. You said ip5 shooting 2800w pixel panorama, I laughed, you know how wide this panoramic shot photos? Width not more pixels? Who do you think can not panorama?
      Q undisputed support events even if the score.
      5.720P front camera:
      Reason for deletion: The Nokia do, 720P front camera to the force!
      To admit the image of 320GPU ip5 the treatment is indeed much better than lumia 920 225, pay attention to here is the GPU, the CPU is really not as Connaught.
      7 user experience:
      Thinner and lighter better grasp (I want to say that the difference in the length and breadth not mm era, This is offscum)

      Lumia 920 advantages:
      1 lens:
      Lumia 920 includes f/2.0 vs the iPhone5 f/2.4 big 17% gap considerably. The larger the aperture, the more light source obtained by the image sensor. More light source to avoid the blurring effect caused by the rapid exposure. The aperture size is predetermined by the F index, the smaller the value, the better. In addition, wide lens provides a narrow depth of field makes clear theme, background blur.
      In addition lumia 920 back-illuminated sensor (Backside illumination), back-illuminated (BSI) sensor and a traditional front-illuminated (FSI) sensor has a texture difference between the photosensitive effect. Thus, although the size of the pixels is the same, but its pixel photosensitive effect further. With the dual fill light complement each other.
      2 built-in optical image stabilizer function:
      More great progress is optical image stabilization system (OIS), also known as optical image stabilization. This expensive and sophisticated technology previously only in high-end SLR cameras. Advertising false, 920 points ahead.
      ps: Some people say that the iPhone 5 also has optical image stabilization? are you kidding? Nokia show are a mess because of this false advertising.
      3. Free navigation software:
      Containing free navigation software Nokia Drive Lumia 920 and with a free map and updates without having to purchase a dedicated navigation device. More to the force Nokia cities lens, you know.
      Reason for deletion: Feng Friends remind iOS 6 also comes with voice navigation .., etc. released and then compare it. Nokia Drive has been recognized as a very good product.
      4 battery power:
      The battery is 2,000 mAh (lumia 920) comparing 1,418 mAh (iPhone 5) higher than the 42% WP system compared to Android To power saving some of the battery capacity is sufficient to guarantee a day of severe use.
      3G talk time of 10 hours more than the full two hours of the iPhone 5.
      5. Wireless charging:
      Lumia 920 without any plugs and wire and can be charged. Palm created, Lumia advantage
      Xiao Long S4 Plus level processor, clocked at 1.5, Krait architecture, 28-nanometer process, more in Adreno 225 GPU! Lumia 920 smaller size of the semiconductor / update the CPU 28nm (lumia 920) comparing 32nm iphone 5 smaller 12%. Production process better, smaller the value, the faster the transmission data. Ip5 clocked only elevated to 1.2GHZ, only 32nm process.
      Lumia 920 contains nfc, allows payment wireless transactions, ip5 actually not!
      8 pixels:
      332ppi (lumia 920) compared to 2% higher pixel density of 326ppi (iphone 5), to reach the retina level.
      9 Screen resolution:
      768 × 1280 px (lumia 920) contrast 640 × 1136 px (iphone 5) 36% higher
      10. The screen:
      On this screen, there are too many highlights. Using Lumia 800 curved glass screen, and the greater strength of the glass, even the nail is not afraid to use it.
      WXGA resolution screen display natural top. With ip5 are now the best LED screen IPS RGB arrangement, but the 920 with a sharp screen and PureMotion HD + technology, making pixel-intensive, high brightness screen refresh faster, and completely pure black display faster and more sensitive and reflect the speed. The lumia 920 4.5-inch screen is elongated ip5 4 inch.
      11 Camera:
      Lumia 920 higher megapixels photos 8.7MP (lumia 920) 9% higher compared 8.0MP (iPhone 5).
      12 Pure King technologies:
      The the Lumia 920 PureView technology, it uses Nokia's most advanced second generation pure King PureView of camera technology, the use of state-of-the-art optical image stabilization technology, in the case of dark light without using the flash, more than other smart phone intake 5 times the light.
      13. Touch technology:
      Lumia 920 also uses a "super sensitive touch" technology, can experience outside the touch of a finger, Lumia 920 screen touch experience is the most important since 2007 capacitive touch screen smartphone massive popularity leap.
      14 higher browser run:
      IE10 is also WP8 a major highlight, support HTML5. .
      Lumia 920 built-in two-stage shutter (two-stage shutter when press the camera for the first time will be the focus, the second press when shooting)

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    • You don't have a son in china?

    • Sorry "STRONG BUY!!!! " 100%

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