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  • lzymoney01 lzymoney01 Dec 14, 2012 2:41 PM Flag

    Most people I talk to and most stores dont seem to care about Windows phone, not selling well in US

    I have not seen to much excitement for these phones, price point is good, but nobody I talk to really cares, they love Apple and Android, not going to change, unless there is some real reason, like Nokia Phones are better in all areas not just camera, or offline Maps, City View, for Nokia to take off, it really needs to sell phones with Android software, this Microsoft is really slowing them down. Even if Microsoft eventually gets 20% of the Market, how much do you think Nok stock will be?

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    • We Yankees are very impatient!!! WP8 was launched 2 months ago,its getting really the attention of tech world and consumers alike.Nokia Lumia is the best smartphone on the market..this isn't my opinion (though I honestly believe it since I own L920),its the opinion of the neutral tech gurus and tech analyst.Consumers will be embracing this phone if there is enough exposure (majority of consumers are not even aware but that will change since the product is fully launched..Nokia and Microsoft are still in launch mode...they are ramping up production,smoothing out logistical,manufacturing and software glitches...this will take a full 3-6 months as all new product launches are and then you are going to see a massive advertisement put behind the product to create consumer awareness and exposure...then you launch the next generation Lumia smartphones to build upon the initial exposure making the product better and upgrading the software and ecosystem fixing what didn't work and improving upon it by adding system users suggestion and consumers alike).

      Microsoft is targeting enterprises adoption of WP8 by building a secure ecosystem and challenging Apple that way.They declared already that they will be releasing A secure ecosystem that will challenge research in motion's famed incripted secure ecosystem which can win U.S certification.

      I have said it before and I will say it again,both Nokia and Microsoft are in the process of laying a solid foundation for nokia products and MS ecosystem that will challenge the best competition in the market in Samsung and Apple and the war of competition is in the early phase (the shots of warning has been just fired by MS and Nok) and the battle will heat up in 2013 and 2014.I firmly believe at this moment that I'm now becoming a believer of what both MS and Nok are doing.They are both laying down a solid foundation that can compete in a competitive environment and I'm impressed with what they are doing and have done with the product side and the WP8 ecosystem.

      Those that remain pt will be rewarded.The Nokia turn around is complete in my view,end of 4th quarter will mark the completion of the restructuring and Nokia is now leaner,meaner and profitable beginning in quarter one 2013.The cost savings Nokia implemented will accelerate profits in 2013 3rd and 4th quarters and will allow Nokia to compete and reward its shareholders.

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    • Why don't you Talk to the smart ones, they will tell you to upgrade to W8 & buy a Wp8 smartphones...Talk to a trendsetters & they will tell you iPhone or Galaxy is their to a diplomat & or a government official & they will tell you to buy where are you from this 3 categories?...slowly these people will go with the best OS & the best phone with the best ecosystem....wanna bet?

    • the amount of marketing and carrier participation for wp8 launch is much greater than wp7. what is tested here is the ability of carriers to influence consumer choice as much as the phone itself. thd carriers wanted apple to be just another vendor of commodity smartphones, and rdduce its dependence on samsung android. nokia lumia fits ghd bill now. the carriers will screw apple until it ix free of ghd fouf hundred dollar subsidy and restrictive terms.

    • Your last question says it all.

    • I agree att sell well but tmobile and verizone do not push product at all. Nokia need to do something else with these 2 phone company. Nokia has other divisions and strong sell in eurpoe but go to att store non has Nokia 920 or if they have one color mostly white sell in att good the rest need to work on them

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    • Who cares about what the US thinks should be trendy.. its no wonder we have a reputation latley of being ignorant.. lumia is better phone but everybody here would rather buy a name.. I'm sick and tired of it peronaly.. iphone knows that they can litteraly make a #$%$ Chinese phone and the sheeples will buy... the times my friend they are a changing ... the west will now follow lead because of apples greed and desception ... in my opinion India will now be the trend leader this century.. not just my opinion either... 72% of Goldman Sachs jp Morgan invvestments are in India... again I'm sick to death of how the media here controls the purchases the votes and the minds of the masses in the US ... wake up America.. think for yourself.. buy a better phone.. buy better shoes.

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    • demomilo Dec 14, 2012 2:54 PM Flag

      I have only seen 1 person outside myself with a Lumia. I take the bus to work in Chicago loop area and nearly everyone carries the iPhone. I see hundreds a day, it is quite sad actually.

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    • no one cares b/cno one knows they exist, nok needs some -class advertising. look at iphone ads, gaylaxy 5H1.+ 3 olympic ads, then look at lumia ads. lumia ads suck
      nok can have a 1000-core phone and ppl would still buy iPhone b/c of junk advertising

    • carbryce Dec 14, 2012 2:52 PM Flag

      WP8 is a compelling enough OS that smartphone salespeople will eventually warm up to it. Things just take a bit of time.

      However, with that said, every store (7 of them) I visited when looking at the 920 didn't even have live demo devices. If I were MS and Nokia I would be extremely peeved. Although I think they deserve some of the blame for not demanding this exposure.

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