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  • lzymoney01 lzymoney01 Dec 17, 2012 2:01 PM Flag

    MS and Nokia will not beat Google

    They are just an option for a specific user, like Blackberry, or Apple, Google is king, no way there even going to come close, I am sure they will stay in business, do not see them building new company HQ anytime soon.

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    • I liked NOK @ 2.67 thats where I got in, and sold already @3.89. maybe I sold early, but I dont like risk much, when its cheap I buy, when its not I wait. Samsung HTC, and who else is making Windows phones? Nok need to make phones with Android then it might hit the levels that you guys are thinking.

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      • I don't hold anything long term, Nokia the same, in fact it almost has a predictable roller coaster trading pattern. So I make about three trades a day on it. And i hold over night when I see favorable conditions in the last 20 minutes of trading. I figured If I continue to be as successful as I have been, I will triple Nokia performance over time. With less risk!

    • Microsoft and Nokia don't have to BEAT Google. They can thrive right along side Android and iOS, and even BlackBerry (if RIM makes a go of it). That's the beauty of Nokia right now. Expectations are so much lower than the other guys that it makes the stock very attractive right here. 

    • Google users will eventually settle into the lower end of the market, where people do not want to pay for software, a segment where consumers are OK with sacrificing their privacy to get free software and inexpensive hardward.

      Google makes money by advertising, Microsoft makes money by selling software. Microsoft will always have the business market, and through that they'll retain a lot middle to upper income home users who are willing and able to pay for quality software and hardware. Who knows exactly where the respective market shares will settle.

      Notice Apple has little place in the paradigm I outlined above. Absent innovations like the iPhone and iPod (both now dated almost to the point of being outdated), Apple will slowly return to the market share and share price 10-12 years ago.

      Innovate or die in this market segment. Apple may yet come out with some incredible product(s) - who knows. Maybe Google, too. Maybe Microsoft/Nokia. Pay your money and take your chances.

      For now, Microsoft/Nokia market share will increase significantly in the near future, admittedly from a very low base, and Nokia's share price will increase significantly in the next few months. Barring, of course, some significant exogenous event, like a blow your doors off innovation by Apple or Google. That is a source of risk. On the other hand, Microsoft/Nokia may be the ones to develop the paradigm-shifting innovation.

      May you live in interesting times.

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      • Google and Microsoft are targeting different market segments. Eric Schmidt said very clearly Microsoft is doing very well satisfying business customer needs. He also said Google strategy is to distribute software freely and make money out of advertising. When Google distribute Android they don't even know what kind of devices it is loaded on. Eric Schmidt already declared victory over Apple (and Microsoft) in the smartphone wars.

        Steve Ballmer only project 20% smartphone market share for Windows Phone. That is 20% of the market that are business users, and those that are willing to pay for software. If Nokia is the dominant phone maker for 20% of the world premium smartphones by 2015. It will revive the company.

    • Wait till the market gets flooded with cheap 7.8 Nokia WP. WP is gaining faster then android was at its start.

    • Google was the only real challenger to the Iphone at the time (Rimm was blind and only owned the business market) for consumers so they jumped on the lower end user market and made a killing. Now that there is a serious push with the windows os offering comparable features and hardware different users, high end mid range and emerging markets, with a fresh look your statement seem ignorant. Watch market share for android to start to disappear in the moths ahead and move to windows phone os. And did I mention your post listed absolutely nothing to back up your statement ?

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    • Enterprise will adapt WP in the end because Windows is irreplaceable there. It's Google's job to push out MS, not the way around. Until you win business market, you won nothing. Despite all the doom and gloom stories, Microsoft still has quite some time to regain consumer market share because once again the anchor of all computing is Windows PC which is irreplaceable. Everything eventually ties into PC. Microsoft owns PC market.

    • I will bet Nokia will get to $8 before Google gets to $1400.Thats what matters

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    • Thanks .You are so bright.On a clear day,the sky is blue!

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    • Thanks for the idiotic post.

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