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  • gerhardfusz gerhardfusz Dec 17, 2012 3:58 PM Flag

    lumia 920 in germany

    getting after christmas, in austria not before february!what is the matter? strong demand? no workers?
    no material? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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    • I have a theory- L920 has problem with the phone reliability such as bricked and other defects. Nokia and MSFT know these problems all along and expect the return and exchange rates are high. They want to limit the supply (contain cost) until the issues are addressed in the next software update.

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    • Must be strong demand. I just checked top 20 mobile phones sold at expansys germany and yea, its amazing!

      1,2 and 6 are 920's
      4 and 7 are 820's

      Rest of the world, in the countries where the 920 is out, you will see it taking at least 1 spot in top 20...
      Google trends impressive for Lumia searches, Asha also keeping strong.

      When these low budget WP's (7.8 and 8) will hit the market droids will get lynched. I know quite some people who arent familiar with these phones and they all bought Samsung (cheap and they have wifi and touch, they dont need anything else) and they arent happy with them mainly because they are slow and freezing often. The lumia is a jawdropper. It will create havoc soon and the flagship is only leading the way for the army of low profile phones.

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    • That is what some of us who are not eflop lackeys on this msg board have been asking, LOL. Nobody knows. This is a good co with brilliant engineers run by a doughnut, imo. Here on this board, they sing of his adulation, lol. The shorts do too, but for a different reason. He is their relable money maker. This supply constraint will kill this stock come january, imo. That is what is so sad, imo. Nok has an excellent product, but can't sell, cause it doesn't have any to sell, LOL. To me this is a sign of a comapny being run into the ground by a bunch of goofballs, eflop the biggest of them all, imo. The chairman of nok ought to be ashamed for this supply constraint that nobody knows why it can't be resolved. Some on this board think it is qcom's fault for not supplying enough snapdraon chips. May be true, but if that is the case, why nok not addressing it as such. In my opinion this terrible supply constraint has been created by this penny piching goofball of a ceo in attempt to curtail cost, which is beiing penny wise and dollar foolish. As long as eflop remains the ceo, nok will go nowhere regardless of the heroic effort of its superb engineers who keep cranking out lumias of all types. It is really pathetic when one man can destroy a co, just like the goofball who was in charge of HP and destroyed it by spending billions in the purchase of a worthless softwrae co. Bad CEO's kill co's. There is a lot of proof of that and eflop is one, imo and he will destroy nok and wipe us all longs, I am afraid.

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