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  • riwm45 riwm45 Dec 22, 2012 2:02 PM Flag

    6.9 million BB shipped

    peanuts, I think we beat this with less than the number of days to sell for the Quarter....

    2.5 million in 20 days just for US alone & still selling might take us to 3 mil. Knowing Nokia generated higher sales in Europe, then we also have Asia to contend with, the numbers I'll say are getting exciting....beating this number with just 1.5 months to sell will propel Nokia share god knows where. The market have to multiply those numbers by 2.

    Just my thoughts for the day. More logical assumption is always welcome.

    Long & strong

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    • Thumbs up and I agree but the 2.5 million in the first 2 weeks was not for the US alone but rather the entire launch which was actually mostly Europe and hardly anything in the US as the US was launched a bit later I think and there was a serious supply constraint here most likely cause they wanted to get $700 for the same phone in Europe compared to $450 here in the US.

      I smell profitability in Q4 and then again in Q1 based on huge China sales. And I think we'll get close to $1 Billion in Revenues from patent Royalties in Q4 based on huge iPhone/iPad sales along with the day old settlement with Rimm for the onetime settlement deal as well as new ongoing royalties for every blackberry phone sold going forward.

      Depending how big the one-time fee was we may get some fat royalties going to the bottom line for Q4 and Q1. That could very well be just th icing on the cake. The good news just keeps coming in an unbelievable way yet we have yet to get a single upgrade from one of the big #$%$ houses like Morgan Stanley or Goldman Sachs. When that comes we may spike $1 in just one single day and that's when you know th fix is in and the pumping will be incessant a la Apple style.

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    • My checks indicate 12 Million sold in this quarter.My prediction was 15M initially but I'm still sticking to my previous prediction of 15M Lumia smartphone Nokia sold this quarter.Exciting times ahead for Nokia longs

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      • Your checks? Please tells us how you perform these checks? Riwm45 is so excited that you made up some news for him to sink his teeth into.
        Based on several factors, I am going to predict that RIMM surprises some people.

      • Pro analysts don't have checks to get such an accurate number so I'm curious how you got that number (12 million), what checks exactly. Seriously, your post sounds like a total pump.

        Your initial prediction was 15 million Lumias? Ahahaa, seriously, 5 months ago I predicted 9 million Lumias for Q4 and I was thought of as a nut by even the biggest pumpers and there wasn't a single long on here who was predicting anything close to 9 million let alone 15 million so I'm curious if your initial prediction is like 3 days old.

        Not bashing you but I hate to see such claims with zero explanations or poof. I simply dont see what channel checks you can do that would be in anyway accurate let alone give you 12 million so early on for Q4. We have enough mindless bashes here we don't need mindless pampers too.

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      • Farhan8000 how did you arrive to this numbers? Did you include feature phones with the smartphones?....This numbers actually is still low when combined. This market however will consider only the traction of the Lumia + Asha 308 & 309 smartphone because it will dictate where Nokia is heading with their new products, on the other hand you may also be correct. 12 million is a significant figure that it will make us pee on our chair if we see these numbers in Jan..... :)

    • thermonuke Dec 22, 2012 2:27 PM Flag

      Windows Phone has outshipped Blackberries according to Forbes, so with 6M Blackberries, then let's assume Nokia is 50% of that in USA alone, it makes sense. A total 6M Q4 for Nokia would put the Q4 alone at total Lumias Q1-Q3, no?

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