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  • jondc1700 jondc1700 Dec 25, 2012 7:24 PM Flag

    Am a Nokia long, saying that who gives a rat's #$%$ what Mark Cuban uses

    Let's be a little bigtime here folks.

    The moment the sheep stop bah bahinh over the mundane is the moment this stock can ascend to where it should be (5-8 dollars a share short term)

    If you celebrate every dork who uses a 920, you then must lament every iPhone fanboy

    Act like you've been there before

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    • because people listen to what he says?

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    • Is Mark Cuban the go-to guy for tech? No, he isnt.
      Is he popular enough to be known as a celebrity endorser? Not quite.

      But does FREE POSITIVE PUBLICITY help nokia? Absolutely.
      Im long aapl and nok so this probably ends up as a wash for me, but I see no reason to act like Cuban's ringing endorsement means nothing.

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      • Yeah, it was nice

        But idiots here are acting like it should move the stock on it's own

        I'd be surprised if his "endorsement" sells even 100 phones.

        I don't care what car Cuban prefers, what breakfast cereal, now what phone. Nobody else does either

        His opinion carries very little weight

        Many other Nokia related news bits to get excited about

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    • Obviously you don't know what you are talking about, celeberty endorsments means a lot, they set trends, Tiger Woods made Billion endorsing products, I think Mark Cuban carries a lot more weight than Tiger Woods.Google Lumia 920 and Mark Cuban together see how many media are reporting the endorsment. Mark Cuban is very popular, not only he is a self made billionare, he has TV shows, and has been with Dancing with Stars.
      What I realy think is that you are short and trying to minimize the positives here, and are just lying about being long.
      If you are Honest about what you are saying, then remind me not to hire you as a marketer ever, not ever.

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      • I agree. As it happens, Mark Cuban is a very tech-savvy guy. I read some comments he made as a business man about Facebook's audience in terms of its marketing and what he said was straight to the point and absolutely right.
        I did the search you suggested and although there are tech mags, blogs and websites that have taken it up, only there are no mainstream publcations - 'Business Insider' is the only non-tech one that I noticed. I find this very surprising - I would have thought that the Wall St Journal, the FT and some daily newspapers and even tv stations would have reported this. I think this is an interesting story - Mark Cuban is a colourful guy, the iPad is a modern icon that most people think is cool and everybody is drawn to fashionable controversy. It should be a much bigger story.

      • Yeah, it's really impressive Mark Cuban uses a Lumia 920

        Glad he does

        The lay person could give a #$%$ less

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      • Mark Cuban is a serious business guy,smart business guy and ditching iPhone 5 and adopting L920 doesn't suprise me a bit.L920 is a better phone and WP8 serves better the needs of a business Man.I'm damn sure Mark Cuban is invested in Nokia if he is that impressed with Nokia L920.I only owned 80K Nokia stock until I bought my L920 to test it and once I was impressed with the L920, I loaded up on the stock and now my investment company owns over 3M+ of Nokia stock.

        Its a nice PR and few of the media is running the story with it,Nokia is getting more media coverage because of Mark Cuban.The reason this story is getting the media coverage its getting is because the Apple fanboys are suprised someone in Mark Cuban's statue will ditch the iphone 5 for Nokia L920,it just shows the ignorance of the tech media and can you blame the consumer for their iphone mania if the media they read are this ignorant or biased?

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    • Yeah, who cares what Mark Cuban says. I was told Jessica Alba rubs each Lumia against her breasts before they are shipped, and that matters (way) more to me.

    • well any fool knows that free pr is free pr

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    • I thought I saw Vin Diesel with a Lumia this weekend.

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