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  • urban_phantom urban_phantom Dec 27, 2012 1:23 PM Flag

    Congress should be dismissed...

    So...who won the election again? I seem to remember Obama beating Romney, but you would hardly know that given the lack of cooperation from the GOP, especially in Congress. Tell me again what are those people doing that is so essential to have them continue their role in office? They appear to be deliberately trying to destroy the US and Global economy in order to make some twisted point. They refuse to make any compromises, especially members of the Tea Party who want to evoke some some of right-wing apocalypse...

    In my opinion, it would be better to suspend Congress, and then hold a new round of elections, rather than entertaining the farce of attending negotiations with those who clearly have no desire to negotiate anything. The Republicans do not have the support of the nation behind them, and must give way to the ruling elected party. It's call democracy, and the losing faction must give way to the winning faction, otherwise it's also known as "treason". When you reach an impasse, drastic changes are sometimes required, and I don't see any reason to bother adhering to a system that is clearly dysfunctional and obsolete. Now is a perfect time to dismiss a worthless branch of government (Congress), and start over. Eliminating their salaries and pensions would be the perfect way to help save tax payer money that would otherwise be completely wasted...

    I have no sympathy or willingness to tolerate those who begrudge the legitimate elected ruling party, and there is no justification for tolerating this mess. Off with their heads! Just kidding...we can save that option for later ;o)

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    • Obama is the President....he is not leading.

      BTW....NYC is not the center of the world. Get over yourselves. Skimmers.

    • they get a big paycheck and perks no matter what.....Where else is that the case??....We need a mid term vote of confidence every year....a way to vote these yahoo's out almost immediately..yes even the president...matter of fact mostly the president.

    • So what is it that you're saying, let the government keep spending the way that they have. Like spending cuts need to be ignored? The republicians are only trying to save you from the socialist government of Obamas, he's the one that needs to open his eyes. We're spending to much money that we don't have and you can thank Obama for that.

    • While our leaders in congress and the executive branch keep fighting to the detriment of this wonderful nation, the Chinese, the Russians and the Indians and the rest of the world is quietly moving along amassing wealth and power. Does anyone know how much influence the Chinese have in the entire African continent which was unthinkable years back? TREMENDOUS. They are basically sucking the African raw material wealth in every shape and form. We don't have influence any more even on the African nations where we pour our hard earned money, case in point, Egypt. They say many powerful nations fail from corruption within and not from an outside enemy. I hope our leaders come to their senses and unite us instead of dividing the entire nation and tearing it apart before it is too late for all of us. I don't understand politicians, cause most lack common sense and that is one thing you need the most to rule. Wisdom and common sense go hand in hand, imo. I see by the wrangling that keeps going on in Washington, D,C. not much exists there. Good luck to good old USA. It needs it badly, imo.

    • Particularly this democratic senate, which has NOT passed a budget as in ever

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • We need to demand that congress receives NO health care,demand We send NO more money to other Countries. Not one dime has been cut from foreign aid. WE need to cut congresss salary Now.Dammit

    • Who elected those republicans to the house anyway? Are they not the same folks who voted for the Dems in the Senate and the Pres. Maybe they just wanted to see a balance of power and not have someone or some group take over this country. Where do you think we would be going if the fellow from Hawaii and his bride had their way?

      If the cliff is soooo bad why is the market not down 2,000 pts?


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      • Tell me again what function Congress serves? There already exist a plethora of tax loop-holes for corporations and wealthy elites to hide or defer money. What is the motivation of these persons for refusing to negotiate in good faith, and exactly how would the nation suffer gravely if the rightfully elected ruling party were to demolish that particular branch of government, or at least else dismiss all of the current sitting members, and then have new elections? The Republicans might be denied an opportunity to create economic mayhem and confusion, but I don't really see any other major consequences. Also, the Tea Party has repeatedly demanded less government, and we can start by eliminating their positions of authority...

      • Binturong13

        That was not a question, it was intended to get some of the folks on this line to think. The Folks I refer to are my fellow Americans, there are still many who think there should be some checks and balances, although the way congress, both houses acts, it is hard to beleive they agree on that.

        God Bless America.

      • In answer to your question about senators and congress-folks being the same, no they are not the 'same folks'. The geographical lines of congressional districts ensures that certain mind-sets of individuals will win congressional seats and the vast areas of rural portions of the country tend to be conservative in thinking. However, senatorial seats are determined by the entire state electorate and the concentration of more liberal thinking voters in urban areas out-numbers the conservatives in some states and thus liberals get voted into state senate positions in some states where the congressional numbers are skewed towards the GOP. In summary, they are who they are because of the electorate they represent and the reality is that these elected officials are so concerned about maintaining their power and getting reelected that they often feel compelled to avoid deal making because it will be used against them in their bid to win their seat back. If we made it one term and done, a six year job then maybe we'd get elected officials that actually did what they were suppose to; serve the country. Good luck to all.

    • Dismissed?? How about jailed for gross negligence and dereliction of duty? Criminal homicide perpetrated against the U.S. Economy. 

    • on point

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