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  • thaddeus9992001 thaddeus9992001 Jan 8, 2013 5:52 PM Flag

    Media killed the nok

    I am long this stock with some insurance. What makes me nervous is all the bulls talking about it like its a sure thing.One thing nok may have going for it is the fact that cnbc talked it down into possilble bankruptcy. Oh apple this!! and nok is Dead, Sure the got creamed by aapl but there is room for this dumb phone maker! The time to buy it was when it was below 3 when you had a margin of safety. Now you have to contend with goldman dumping 100million shares on you me and other somewhat smart money. Start looking out a few more quarters. Even if the have ok numbers the easy money has been made. I hope Im wrong cause if it goes to 5 or six I can take a year of from work lol

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    • In this business, there is no such thing as a sure thing. I am a NOK bull but their is always the possibility of NOK not working out. It pays to be skeptical about any company. Right now, I am using the technicals as a guide post. Based on that, their is a strong possibility that NOK will go to 5. Beyond that who knows. I plan on selling half my shares at that level and consider that a very good profit. The road above 5 will be much more challenging. In my opinion, for NOK to get much past 5 it will have to start producing good quarterly numbers.

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